Your Weekly Workout Schedule Is Here — With Printables and Everything!

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If you are not able going to a gym every day or working out is hard enough, then you should think to do something at home, but you need an exact plan how to do that. You should be focused on a successful plan that hits all the important points that you want to enhance on yourself.

Here is a suggestion that we can offer which will guide you through the week!

This one-week plan structured of three days of resistance training, one day of cardio, and one day for dedicated recovery. There are two “off days,” but stay active with some LISS cardio, such walking or biking without a lot of strength. However some small changes will not disrupt the success, especially if you’re feeling sore, so take the rest, and if you’re feeling ready for another work, go ahead and repeat one of the workouts.

We are providing you here printable versions of each workout to take with you, wherever you go.

The equipment needed: a pair of dumbbells

  1. Full-Body Workout With Weights

Take a heavy set of weights for a serious resistance training, and don’t be afraid of lifting, because building muscle is the best way to burn fat and get lean! (Picture 1)

Find here a printable version:

  1. At-Home Cardio

You can aim to run through this workout at least two times ( 20-minute session). You can modify as needed, e.g. taking out jumps whenever necessary.

Find here a printable version:

  1. Add Some Weights to Your Arms and Abs Workout

It is recommended to reach for a set of medium-size weights to work both the arms and the core.

Find here a printable version:

  1. Stay Flexible and Stretch Yourself

Aim to three workouts, as you can do that, take some time to give your body the TLC it needs.

Find here a printable version:

  1. No Weight Needed

This workout is without weights! It will challenge your entire body to work.

Warning: it may hurt to laugh tomorrow!

Find here a printable version:

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