Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress and Loosen Up Your Shoulders

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According to the statistics and many investigations, about 70% of adults in the US say they feel stress or anxiety daily, so we can say that the stress and anxiety are common experiences for most people around the world.

One of the most effective ways to relieve stress is by exercising, which can seem contradictory, however, putting physical stress on your body through exercise can help relieve mental stress.

Doing regular exercise can help you to lower stress and anxiety, as it releases endorphins and improves your sleep and confidence.

We offer you six yoga poses, which besides relieving stress relax your shoulders, too.

How to do: breathe deeply, move slowly and feel those knots slip away.

  1. Dolphin at Wall


–           Starting position – standing in front of the wall place forearms on it below shoulder height, fingertips up,

–           Taking a few steps back from the wall, lower your head down between arms (relaxed). Your torso should be parallel to the ground.

Breathe here for ten deep breaths.

  1. Standing Side Bend


–           Starting position – Stand with feet hip distance apart.

–           Reach arms overhead, grabbing right wrist with the left hand.

–           Taking a big inhale to get long, use exhale to lean over to the left and bend at the waist.

–           Dropping top shoulder away from the ear, try taking your gaze to the ground and to the ceiling.

Breathe for at least five deep breaths and repeat on another side.

  1. Standing Forward Fold with Clasp


–           Starting position – standing with feet hip distance apart,

–           Clasp hands behind back taking a big inhale to open the chest.

–           While exhaling, soften knees and fold forward, with your head toward the ground.

–           Optional (you can bend one knee and then another if you feel comfortable)

–           Turn chest right to left, getting more into shoulders

Stay here for ten deep breaths.

  1. Eagle Arms


–           Starting position – sitting position (any way you’re comfortable)

–           Wrapping right arm under left arm, take forearms together, and press palms together,

–           Raise elbows up to shoulder height, opening the shoulders.

Breathe here for ten deep breaths and repeat on another side.

  1. Supported Fish


–           Starting position – sitting on the ground, place a medium-height block behind you and place another block behind that one to use as a pillow for the head.

–           Rest gently on the blocks, adjusting their placement until you are comfortable,

–           Stay here for at least ten deep breaths (begin with blocks on medium height and adjust from there)

–           For deeper shoulder opening – shoulder blade block should be to the medium height and head in clasped hands with elbows wide (pictured).

  1. 8-Point Shoulder Opener


–           Starting position – Laying face down on the belly.

–           Keep your right arm out wide, drawing your left hand underneath the shoulder with your elbow bent and pointing up.

–           Pushing into the left hand, peel your chest off the mat and roll onto the right hip.

–           Keeping your right leg straight, bend your left leg behind it, while your neck is relaxed and head resting on the mat or a block for support.

–           If this is already intense, stay as is

Take 20 deep breaths on the right shoulder then change sides.

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