Why The Swedish Diet Took Over the World in 24 Hours?

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This is very simple but very effective diet, which makes it attractive and people believe in it.

This diet is focused on proteins and fats and decreasing the intake of carbohydrates. This diet is similar to the protein diet.

The highest benefit: you will forget about some calories and the hours you can consume them (no restrictions).

The diet is a combination of essential vitamins and amino acids, which enhance the metabolism and suppress the appetite. By following the Swedish Diet, you can eat as much as you want while the pounds will melt off.

In addition the Swedish Diet:

–           Boosts your metabolism, as it has the exclusive power to improve your digestion and improves your overall health.

Even this diet has high-fat content, the research shows that fat is good for you while sugar and carbs are damaging your health.

The Swedish diet divides food into three groups:

–           Foods Allowed to be Consumed

–           Foods Allowed to be Consumed Occasionally

–           Foods That Are Not Allowed to be Consumed

Here is a list of the required foods in mentioned groups above:

Foods allowed to be consumed:

–           Veggies that grow above ground

–           All meat types

–           Avocadoes, Olives, and Mushrooms

–           All fish types and shrimps

–           Nuts like Pumpkin Seeds, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Almonds,

–           Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, and Sunflower seeds.

–           Dairy products (especially those with high-fat percentage)

–           Eggs

Foods Allowed to be Consumed Occasionally:

–           Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (70%)

–           Fruits: one fruit a day and raspberries

–           Veggies like carrot, celery and turnip beetroot

Foods That Are Not Allowed to be Consumed:

–           Margarine and refined oils

–           Ice-Cream

–           Alcohol (especially beer)

–           Sugar

–           Artificial sweeteners

–           Store-bought juices

–           Muesli

–           Pasta

–           Soda drinks

–           Grains

–           Cookies

–           Starch

The additional recommendation of Swedish diet is drinking Green Tea as a big helper in this diet.

The people who experienced it shared it with many other and it became so popular fast.

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