Weight Loss Success Story: “I Lost 114 Pounds”

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Laura explains that she gained an extremely weight even her healthy diet has been practiced from her early childhood. Her father was a doctor, and he used to prepare nutritious meals. However, when she got to college she completely changed her lifestyle and way of eating. Instead of the Dad’s leafy greens, she used to eat Chinese fast food and the portion sizes were bigger than to be desired. She gained 300-plus pounds, why the doctor warned her about the risk of developing diabetes. It motivated her to do something to maintain her weight.

Exercise, found!

Even she decided to look for gastric bypass surgery, it was not required because of the other health problems. Trying to find an alternative way she downloaded Jillian Michaels’ weight-tracking app and followed her YouTube videos. In addition, she practiced Zumba, found online.

From the beginning, she couldn’t complete workouts, but when she’d become stronger, she could go for longer. After completing the second degree, she began taking advantage of the campus gym and noticed the results in losing more than 20 pounds. The surgery was not more her option and continued pushing hard toward her goals.

Bye-bye fast food!

Laura, also returned to her healthy-eating routine, rather than restricting meals.  She enjoyed her new routine and how was the filling of her body.

Now she is about the weight normal for her (190 pounds), but still trying to find new activities, such, boxing, to help her stay healthy and happy.

What she learned and advices?

She learned 4 lessons for losing kilograms:

  1. Instagram results!

She started Instagram it when she lost first 40 pounds. The number of followers grew very fast, which highly motivated her.

Always try to be a community, it will keep you accountable!

  1. Score free fitness.

She found a plenty of reputable online resources that gave her the same benefits for free, as many expensive weight-loss programs.  For instance, she practiced Blogilates by Cassey Ho.

  1. Buy a band.

In the days when she was not able to get to the gym, she used her resistance band.

Using a band is an easy and portable way to add in strength training.

  1. Mind the menu.

Even she loves eating out, to avoid too many temptations offered by the restaurants offer, she kept from consuming calorie bombs at the moment, but choose a healthy option.

Source: www.health.com