Try This 15-Minute Yoga Flow for Stress Relief

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What is the result of today’s way of living? In many cases the way that people are existing is linked with overflowing of the email inbox, their to-do list is without ending, and they couldn’t manage to participate in the physical activities that the used to do. The result of that lifestyle is a super stressed.

When the stress begins in your mind it, in the end, causes some symptoms in your body, such clenched jaws, shoulder knots, and stiff necks. Since stress causes problems in your mind and body, you should be prepared to move in ways that catch your emotional and physical strain.

Fortunately, for all of you that are facing with such problems, you don’t need to set aside hours to attend fitness classes, as we can offer you something appropriate that can be done anywhere and in just 15 minutes. This is a calming yoga sequence that might be enough to help you de-stress.

For this workout you don’t need any equipment, all you need is some space to put down your mat.

In addition, you’ll strengthen and lengthen your muscles while doing the course. According to the clinical therapist and yoga instructor Lauren Taus, it is obviously that yoga is the ideal activity for days when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

The benefit of the mindful practice helps you focused on the present, so you pay less attention to what happened earlier and what’s still on your schedule to do.

Follow the video where Lauren takes you through a calming yoga course that will help you find your balance and slow down.

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