Total ARM Workout (Video)

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When somebody is speaking about the biceps curls, most of the people have in mind well-shaped man, with strong arms. However, every lady should be training her biceps and triceps too, for stronger, better-looking arms!

Having well-defined arms will prove you the perfect accessory to your dream body and you’ll look as you desire.

You should be ready to work hard and heavy, as women due to a smaller amount of producing testosterone, don’t make huge gains quickly.

Even the strongest men know that building a lot of muscle takes time.

Shapely biceps and triceps are an important part of being a strong lifter, as well as part of a symmetrical physique.

Follow this quick guide to training your arms, along with a workout and get those guns pumping girls!

This training of your biceps and triceps is perfect because you don’t have to spend plenty of hours working them. You can also do any pushing movements or presses to work your chest and simultaneously work your triceps. It also happens whenever you do pulls like lat pulldowns or rows, as they indirectly work your biceps.

You can also do arm workouts when you are doing hard your chest and back exercises. You should be aware that the biceps and triceps are smaller muscles, so you don’t get many metabolic benefits of them.

An advantage of training your biceps and triceps is that you don’t have to spend hours and hours working them.

Watch the detailed instructions in the video below: