This Next-Level Burpee Tones Your Abs and Shoulders Like Crazy

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The burpees are very effective exercises, and there are different levels for performing them. When you are looking to take your burpees to the next level, as you’ve already mastered the basic go-to fitness move, you have to try one more challenging option demonstrated by Nike trainers Lauren Williams and Kirsty Godso (“Pyro Girls,”) on Instagram.

This burpee is so hot because it challenges shoulder stability and core and strengthening them in a different way from a regular burpee according to Williams. The main point of this move is to balance the explosiveness of the tuck with core strength and shoulder stability.

Watch the detailed instructions here:

How to do it:

–              Starting position – standing position with your feet hip-width apart.

–              Bend forward and place both hands on the ground, jumping both feet back and going into a plank.

–              Jumping both legs up into the air, bend knees to bring feet toward butt, like a donkey kick.

–              After hopping legs back out to a plank, jump feet in toward your hands.

–              Standing, explode up and bring knees into chest.

–              Land softly, to complete one rep, and repeat it immediately.

–              For best results, it is recommended to perform it in tandems like Williams and Godso.

It looks intense as just you can see the presentation.

If it is too difficult, you can modify it, following the suggestion of Williams and instead of attempting the full-blown donkey kick, just jump your feet back up to your hands.