These ‘My 600-lb. Life’ Success Stories Will Blow Your Mind

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Losing weight is an interesting topic in the episodes of TLC’s. Every episode documents a person’s weight-loss journey (usually they are weighing more than 600 pounds) and how they are losing it with the help of bariatric surgery and serious lifestyle changes.

Brittani Fulfer,

Before: 605 lbs.

After: 222 lbs.

She had weight-loss surgery because she was legitimately sick and tired of being sick and tired, as she said. She loved traveling, to have a family, and be the lovely wife. Her attitude was to offer more herself, family and friends than just having them help take care of her and needed to participate and be a part of the world.

Her the biggest changes were linked with her diet (what and how?). However, she did something deeper than that, as she realized that the food will not solve her problems alone or make her feel better. She focused and continue to live this amazing new life, choosing to love herself and to be happier. She also went to psychotherapy, which was the key to her success.

Her motivation was very high, and changes of her mood were significant, and was not longer angry and upset. She finally found the world where she belongs, and started this journey to her better life.  She had felt her weight as a prison. Now she feels free, and is able to do whatever she wants.

Melissa Morris

Before: 653 lbs.

After: 235 lbs.

The reason why she decided to lose weight was her inability to get to the hospital where her mother had a surgery from cancer. It all was because of her weight.

When her mother returned home from the hospital she was bandaged up and needed to do additional therapies, and at the same time wanted to take care about Melissa, too. Then Melissa realized that she have to make radical changes, and decided to do weight-loss surgery.

After getting weight-loss surgery she attended weekly support meetings, she stopped to bring her trigger foods into the house, intensify working out, and watching the quality and amount of food that she ate. These were just a few of the things she was doing and also wanted to set an example for her children to see what it’s like to be healthy.

As losing weight has changed her whole life, now, she is a mom of three, able to go shopping, to go out to dinner and eat in restaurants, all things that she couldn’t do before. She very often plays outside with her kids and sometimes, she is even running. She finally enjoyed everything that was in her dreams.

Nikki Webster

Before: 649 lbs.

After: 236 lbs.

Her decision to have weight-loss surgery was due to plenty of difficulties she’d had in her life, which were her obstacles that never ending. She realized that her only outcome was death, however she wanted to live. That was the main reason that gave her the fire she needed to start losing weight and getting healthy.

She had an amazing support system from her family, friends, and colleagues who encouraged her throughout this process. As she explained, the most significant change she’s made was incorporating exercise into her life. Over the time, exercise has become her routine and the losing weight was not the only reason that she did them, but she was feeling so excited about exercise.

The losing of weight has impacted her life in every aspect possible, as it has changed the trajectory of her future, and she built self-confidence again. She continued to learn many things about the life, to being the woman she wants to be.

Christina Phillips

Before: 708 lbs.

After: 171 lbs.

When Christina’s living became too hard she decided to begin her weight-loss journey. As the moving was even impossible for her, she used to feel she was going to die. As she was feeling so miserable, she decided to do something radical.

In 2013 she had a gastric bypass, which wasn’t easy. She also learned about proper nutrition, started measuring her portions, and following to a certain way of eating. She stayed on track by avoiding simple carbs, sugar, chips, and processed foods. She practiced to get at least 10,000 steps per day and going to the gym at least four times per week, and all those measures helped her to maintain her weight.

Losing weight completely has changed her life, as she was able to do things she never imagined possible before when she weighed more than 700 pounds.