The Ultimate Booty-Lifting, Arm-Sculpting, Ab-Blasting Workout

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Shaping your body doesn’t mean to focus just on one part, you should think and accept workouts that will offer you the equal strengthening on your overall body. In this article, we will present you something that is very close to above mention requirements. This is fun and intense workout that besides burning calories, targets your abs, arms, butt and legs.

The workout lasts 45-minutes from warm-up to cool-down section. This is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which boosts metabolism, using your own body weight, plyometrics, strength training, and more to really burn fat.  The advantage of this workout is the after burn effect because it continues burning calories long after.

The best part is that it can be done anywhere at the gym, at home, or even at your hotel while you’re on vacation.

The achieved results – your thighs more toned, butt will feel more lifted, arms more defined and your abs stronger and tighter than ever.

If you are ready, let’s start!!!

Follow the video bellow and get ready to sweat:

The steps of the workout are:

–           Warm-up

–           Lower-body resistance training: Legs, thighs, butt

–           Upper-body resistance training: Triceps, biceps, shoulders

–           Core training: Abs and obliques

–           Cool-down