The Top 12 Best Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

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Some people have difficulties and are confused how to make their healthy meal or snack. These days we live in a time when being green is a trend, so people spend more time and pay attention on their meals, calories and ingredients that they intake. The normal and balanced meals in the day are one of the key criteria for quality life and healthy body and metabolism.

We are going to present you some very useful and helpful ideas. All of them present healthy snacks. They are perfect for those who workout every day and also for those who have busy life but still take care of their nutrition.

#1 Rice cakes

These products are made of brown rice and they are rich in fiber. If you want to replace the rice or bread with other variation, this is the perfect one since it is low-calorie food.

Advice: Add some peanut butter or protein on the rice cake in order to make delicious snack.

#2 Frozen grapes

Grapes when are frozen do not become rock solid or do not lose their taste. They are delicious and in the same time healthy source of vitamins and minerals for the body.

Advice: ✓ Spread grapes on a layer on a baking sheet and store them in a fridge until firm. When are prepared, put them in airtight zip-top bag.

#3 Popcorn

Popcorn is an acceptable food that you can eat since it is low-calorie. Prepare your own popcorn in a microwave.

Advice: Eat popcorn when you are hungry since it is a whole grain and you can feel full very easily without eating too much food.

#4 Celery

This food is natural source of vitamins, minerals, and molybdenum. It also provides the needed amount of fiber to our metabolism.

#5 Apricots

We all know that apricots are one of the most delicious fruits, but it their only advantages. In the same time they give to our body dietary fiber, vitamins, copper and potassium.

#6 Blueberries

This fruit has incredible properties for the whole body, especially for the immune system. They are full with phytonutrients and antioxidants.

They support the cellular structure of the body.

#7 Plain Greek yoghurt

This is one of the most recommended products for people who want healthy meals. This is especially good for those who exercise. It has a lot of proteins, low percentage of fat (some of them 0%) and low level of carbs.

Advice: make your smoothie, salads, toppings and other interesting recipes with this yoghurt.

#8 Hard boiled eggs

This is one of the easiest food that we can prepare and in the same time provides to us increased amount of proteins.

#9 Cottage cheese

Another healthy source of proteins and casein is the cottage cheese. It stimulates the digestion system and also is good for the blood and amino acids levels in the body.

#10 Protein bars

Delicious and healthy desserts are these mentioned bars. They are healthy, low-carb bars that give enough proteins and energy for the day long.

Advice: take one protein bar before gym and have the best and most energized training.

#11 Protein shakes

Making protein shakes and smoothies is always a good idea. You can order your own whey protein in order to boost the level of protein intake. Protein shakes are perfect meal before workout or a prefect meal in a short break during a busy day.

These are good options for building and strengthening the muscle mass and strength of the body.

#12 Dark chocolate, cacao powder

Dark chocolate or cacao powder is a great substitution for chocolates, cakes and sweets. They are natural product made from cocoa tree. They are rich in antioxidants, proteins and fiber.

Advice: always buy a dark chocolate that contains 70-75% of cocoa.