The Only Workout You Need to Look Sexy AF by Summer

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All of the exercises in the workout below are dance-like and will help you boost your cardio, strength, flexibility, and fun factors. By performing total-body strength moves along with high-intensity interval workouts, you’ll be able to reshape your body in a relatively short period of time.



–           Starting position – Lie on your back with arms at your sides and palms pressing into the ground and bend your left knee, place the sole of your left foot on the ground and hold a dumbbell at your hip,

–           Pointing your toes toward the sky, extend your right leg

–           Keep your hips square to the ground, press into your left heel raising your butt straight up into a bridge.

–           Lowering down with control, keep the leg elevated the entire time.

–           Completing 15 reps, switch legs, holding a dumbbell at your hip (pictured) for an extra challenge.

Your benefits: Your butt and the backs of your thighs.



–           Starting position – in a kneeling position with your left palm on the ground and right hand on your hip.

–           Stacking your hips as you extend your right leg out to the side.

–           Engage your core for stability and raise your right leg straight up, then lower it with control.

Completing 20 reps, switch sides.

Your benefits: Your outer thighs, butt, and waistline.



–           Starting position –   Standing with your feet together and knees soft, holding a 5- to 8-pound dumbbell in each hand in front of your hips,

–           Hinging forward from the hips, extend your right leg straight out behind you, and open your arms out to the sides.

–           Releasing your arms with control, stand back up to starting position. That completes one rep.

Complete 15 reps, with both legs.

Your benefits: Your legs, butt, back, and shoulders.



–           Starting position – Standing with your feet about hips-width apart, bend your knees, sit your hips back into a squat and extend your arms out behind you.

–           Driving your arms forward and up for momentum, press up through the heels and jump straight up.

–           Land with soft knees, settling back down into a squat.

Complete 20 reps.

Your benefits: Your butt and legs.



–           Starting position – in the standing position hold the kettlebell 8- to 10-pound with both hands at chest level.

–           Stepping your right foot straight out to the side, bend the right knee and keep the left leg extended, sitting your hips back into a side lunge.

–           Pressing through the right heel, come up to stand on the left foot, press the dumbbell up overhead and bring the right knee to hip level. That completes one rep.

Complete 15 reps, on both sides.

Your benefits: Your legs, butt, core, and shoulders.



–           Starting position – standing position with your legs shoulders-width apart and feet angled 45 degrees outward hold the kettlebell 8- to 10-pound with both hands and let it hang down in front of your body.

–           Bending your knees as you swing the kettlebell down between your legs, keep your chest high.

–           Extend your legs as you squeeze your butt and drive your hips forward, raising the kettlebell straight up in front of you.

–           Returning to starting position complete one rep,

Perform 20 reps.

Your benefits: Your thighs, butt, and core.



–           Starting position – in a tabletop position with your elbows directly beneath your shoulders and forearms on the ground, keep your foot flexed and knee bent 90 degrees,

–           Raise the heel straight up behind you, extending your right leg out and up,

–           Bring your knee back to starting position and complete one rep.

Perform 20 times on each side.

Your benefits: Your butt.

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