The Most Efficient and Complete AB Workout (7 Simple Exercises)

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The people who are planning to shape their bodies, before starting any workout, everyone should find some information about the body shape, specific characteristics of women’s and men’s body, proper diet and making a choice which of the workouts is proper for them.

Looking on this issue from the anatomical aspects, men and women are very different in many ways:

–           Women have wider hips than men, and this affects their knees and hips,

–           Women lose weight harder than men due to the extra estrogen in their body (known as a hormone which tends to hold more fat).

–           Women are more flexible than men because they have longer, more elastic muscles than men

–           Women use their quads more often than men, which means they are more predisposed to injury during exercises

Having all that facts women should focus on building more strength in their glutes and hamstrings, why the majority of women tend to work harder to strengthen their body.

In this article we are offering you the workout composed of 7 simple exercises, so follow the instructions (GIFs) bellow:

  1. Oblique V-Ups


–           Starting position – laying on your left side on a mat, extend your right arm overhead, left on the floor and your legs in front of you with your feet together

–           Contracting your abs, pull your legs up, trying to touch your toes with the right-hand exhaling as you contract, and keeping your feet together throughout the move.

–           Releasing back down with control, complete one rep

Perform at least 15 repetitions, then switch on the right side and repeat the process.

  1. Flutter Kicks


–           Starting position – laying with your back on a mat, extend your legs and place the hands by sides

–           Raise both legs about 1 foot up, keeping your back straight and begin to move both of your legs like scissors

Perform this movement for one minute.

  1. Side Plank Raises


–           Starting position – in a side plank position, engaging your abs, rotate your right shoulder and hip up toward the ceiling, twisting your feet and bringing left leg under the body

–           Extending your left arm and pointing it toward the ceiling, return to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Perform at least 15 raises on each side.

  1. Bicycle Crunch


–           Starting position – laying on your back, keep your hands behind head and raise legs above the floor

–           Extend right leg and bring your left knee into your chest, twisting your upper body to the left.

–           Reverse the movements on opposite side, in a pedalling motion.

–           Return to the starting position to complete one rep.

Perform at least 20 moves with each leg.

  1. Russian Twist


–           Starting position – sitting down on the floor lift your legs off the ground, keeping your feet together off the floor and holding a dumbbell with both hands in front of your chest

–           From this position twist to one side then to another, looking at your hands

Perform at least 15 twists on each side.

  1. Basic Plank


–           Starting position – on all fours (feet and forearms), with hands directly under shoulders. If you’re a beginner, rest on your forearms and knees instead.

Perform for 1 minute.

  1. Raised Legs Crunches


–           Starting position – laying on your back with feet elevated above the floor, place your hands by sides

–           Keeping both legs extended, raise them to the ceiling, bending in your waist and form an angle of 90 degrees with your upper body.

–           Slowly return your legs to the floor without touching it, to complete one rep.

Perform at least 15 crunches.

There are 2 ways to performing this workout:


–           The exercises are performed without any rest in between,

–           Rest for 5 minutes and

–           Repeat the entire set.


–           Do each exercise for 45 seconds

–           15 seconds rest in between

–           Perform 3 sets.

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