The Best Superfood Energy Shake You’ve Ever Tasted

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Most of the people are taking something that boosts their energy during the day, whether that happened to the end of a workday when they are going to the gym or just want something to curb cravings.

Here is a solution for a healthy energizer, a good energy-boosting shake recipe, just for YOU.

By drinking it you’ll not need another cup of coffee or a commercial energy drink. You only whip up this easy and quick superfood shake and be sure that your body will love it.

Vanilla Superfood Energy Shake Recipe

Time: Prep time 5 mins

It serves: 2 persons


  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 tbsp. nut butter
  • 2 tbsp. shelled hemp seeds
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1-2 cups almond milk
  • 1 tbsp. organic coconut oil
  • Ice cubes (optional)


Blend all ingredients together to perfection.

Enjoy immediately after preparing

Benefits of Bananas

Bananas belong to overlooked superfoods with a plenty of health benefits, such

–           Boosting Energy – the energy provided by bananas is instant and sustainable.

According to the experts, one or two bananas before a workout can boost endurance and provide you with the energy for several hours. Many types of research have shown that bananas are as effective as many typical workout beverages (even better).

–           Improve Digestion: Thanks to the pectin, they aid digestion, relieve constipation and gas

Consumption on a regular basis can even remove heavy metal toxins.

–           Lower Blood Pressure: keep blood pressure levels optimum, thanks to the contain potassium,

Bananas also help to:

–           Prevent muscle cramping,

–           Control sugar cravings,

–           Reduce blood sugar levels, and

–           Strengthen your immune system

So, always get an extra bushel and throw in the freezer for smoothies, ice cream and healthy shake recipes.

Benefits of Hemp Seeds

They are both healing and nutritious to the people and can be easy incorporated into your diet!

–           Boost Brain Health: due to containing of a lot of nutrients, such omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids they are an excellent ingredient for your brain.

They belong to rare plant sources of these important fatty acids. Besides the aid in brain functioning, they also help in reducing the risk of degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and many cardiovascular diseases.

–           Aid Weight Loss: as a natural appetite suppressant they help you feel full longer.

–           Muscle Control/Strength: thanks to the essential amino acids (protein) in them, they help to improve muscle control and overall strength.

In addition, these amino acids are important for tissue regeneration, organ repair and skin health.

Benefits of Nut Butter

Nuts have been used in a kitchen for centuries as they provide plenty of health benefits. The best nuts for nut butter, are recommended almond, macadamia or cashew nut butter (raw are better).

–           Increase Longevity: consumption of nuts has been linked to a healthier and longer life!

–           Boosts Energy: as butter contain healthy fats, they are an important fuel source for your body.

In addition, they are essential for regulating overall mood, energy levels and weight.

–           Bone Health: if you use the almond butter you’ll get high amounts of both calcium and phosphorus, the combination that maintain healthy, strong bones.

Other benefits of nut butter

–           Boosts metabolism,

–           Boosts immunity,

–           Improve nerve function,

–           Balanced digestion and

–           Mental acuity.

Here you’ll find how to make your own almond butter – HERE

Benefits of Coconut Oil

The coconut oil in recent years has become very popular – and for good reason! It is also called multi-tasker, as it can be used for just about anything because it contains antibacterial, antimicrobial antiviral, antioxidant, anticancer and antiaging properties.

–           Boosts Energy: its golden ticket are medium-chain of fatty acids

Because of a quick absorption fatty acids boost metabolism, raise good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol

In addition, they are a fast source of energy for the body systems, which makes it amazing for a pre-workout snack or overall energy boost.

–           Relieve Fatigue: The fatty acids in coconut oil are of great help in relieving fatigue.

–           Improve Digestion: it helps soothing many digestive issues when is used regularly.

You should have in mind that the list of coconut oil benefits never ends, and here are some others

–           Helps to fight candida,

–           Boosts cardiovascular health,

–           Reduces inflammation

–           Reduces risk of many other diseases.