The 20-Minute Morning Workout to Start Your Day Right

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Fitstar offers us a workout, which the main benefit is boosting your metabolism and gear up for the day ahead.

If you are a lack of time during the busy days, you are sometimes trying to use it as an excuse to skip a workout cancel your membership in the gym. However, this workout will solve all of your afflictions.  The workout can be done everywhere on some covered floor space and by using your bodyweight. Get in a solid sweat session!

Practicing this workout will engage moves of your entire body, from pike presses and elbow planks to side lunges and jumping jacks. In fact, you’ll have your heart pushing and muscles burning in a short time, before your morning cup of coffee.

It is very well for building your confidence outside of your home, and fire your productivity once you get to the office. Get started now!

Watch the video below