Simple Fix for Vertigo (Video with Instructions)

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The people who have suffered from vertigo knows how weakening the episodes can be. Vertigo is a specific kind of shakiness that happens even when you are not moving. The reasons why it happens are the variety of conditions linked to the underlying problems in the ear, sensory nerve pathways or brain.

The dizzy feeling is often related to the same sensation you get when you’re very high up but you look down. This problem concerns millions of people around the world, however, one doctor has found a quick, at-home fix for it.

The method that Dr. Carol Foster has developed, more than 2.5 million people are following on YouTube and found it very useful in fixing problems with vertigo.

The treatment is based on the “half-somersault maneuver,” and the greatest part is that is very simple but very effective in combating the dizzy spells.


–           Starting position – on your knees with back straight

–           Tip your head up towards the ceiling.

–           Put your head down as if you’re going to do a forward roll (somersault).

–           When you are in that position, look at your left elbow, waiting for the dizziness to stop,

–           Then lift your head to back level.

–           When dizziness stops again, sit back quickly.

As that solution changed the lives for many people who suffer from vertigo, their experience and comments are always positive after the treatment

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