Sassy Water – The Most Efficient Weight Loss Drink That Melt Fat Like Crazy – Can You Prepare at Home

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Trying to fight the obesity is one of the most popular measures among the people (especially women), because of the life of living. Some of them try to get rid of obesity by practicing certain physical activities or following different diets. The results, many times are not as you expected, or they are only on short-term.

Following diets require the knowledge about the foods or drinks you are consuming. Many nutritionists believe that losing weight properly can be achieved without increasing physical activity and a balanced diet, but also thanks to a water, called Sassy. The Sassy water is now very popular around the world and people want to find where to find it.

It is created by an American journalist — Cynthia Sas (educated as a dietician), who personally had faced the problem of obesity, which encouraged her in finding a universal way to weight loss.

She has created a water and later patented it, as one of the most efficient dietetic products. Its effectiveness was seen in a month, without risk to health and without much effort that can result in losing to 10- 12 extra pounds!

To prepare the Sassy water you need:

–           Filtered or boiled cold water – 2 liters

–           Cucumber cut into slices -1 medium,

–           Grated ginger root – 1 teaspoon

–           Fresh mint leaves – 5-7 or 1 teaspoon dried

–           1 lemon sliced

Mix all the ingredients and store the mixture in the refrigerator in a glass or plastic bottle (at least 8-10 hours).

It can be prepared in the evening and consume it during the day.

Consume it every morning and drink it during the day. Or the next day prepares a new portion of the water in the evening.

Besides, the fantastic results, at the same time, there are no food restrictions. It is keeping in the fridge all day.

This water is not recommended for women during pregnancy and lactation, or for those suffering from gastritis or ulcers and to people who are allergic to any ingredient of the Sassy water.

For the best results, it can be combined with physical exercise. Then the water helps in releasing the excess weight, and exercises provide better muscles and skin conditions.