Proof That Cutting Calories Like Crazy Won’t Get You the Body You Want

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The secret is not in starvation

When it comes to shaping your body you should be aware that less isn’t always more, so there are some rules that provide you with wanted results.

Among the others who proofed it is one woman’s Instagram transformation pics. Her secret to achieving it is in increasing her calories by 1,000 a day.

MadalinFrodsham, a 27-year-old woman from Perth, Australia, practiced a ketogenic diet, which is exactly high-fat, low-carb, and moderate protein diet in combination with a Kayla Itsines workout plan. Unfortunately, after a certain time, she wasn’t seeing the results as she had anticipated.

That had forced her to switch it up and talked to a nutrition coach and personal trainer. She was instructed to count her macronutrients and to increase her carb consumption from five to 50 percent. (Here’s you can find about counting your macronutrients and the IIFYM diet –  HERE.)

She continued to keep workout routine the same but changed her eating style. Following that, she stayed about the same weight but the change in her physique was drastically.

Is that matter of magic?

Of course not, it is a science. Increasing her carb intake and tracking her macronutrients, she was eating about 1800 calories a day ( 1000 more than before).

The conventional knowledge of losing weight is based on the equation of “eat less than you burn,” however, it’s more complicated than that. According to many studies when you aren’t eating enough calories, your body goes into starvation mode.

In fact, nutritionists not recommended for women to eat less than 1,200 calories a day because it can actually increase your risk for health problems (like heart and gallstones problems). In addition, it may lead to a slowing of your metabolism and muscle loss.

Michelle Roots, a Trainerizekinesiologist and nutrition coach explains that by following a very strict, clean diet, your body actually releases more cortisol into the blood stream. As it is well known the cortisol causes your body to store fat. According to the finding of Roots, many women tend to lose weight by standing on only 1200 calories a day and performing workout seven days a week, but they are not looking at their macronutrients and controlling how many grams of protein and good fats they get in a day.

The outcome – a body that’s under-fed and over-stressed, won’t have enough energy to go hard in the gym and will hold onto fat. So, the secret to your best body is in fueling your body and making it move, not in eating less and exercising more.

It is recommended to not stay on eating salad when you could be eating banana pancakes and sweet potatoes.

“Eat more and get fit. It actually works,” wrote Frodsham in this Instagram post. Mic drop.