This Simple Exercise Helps Remove Back and Belly Fat In No Time!

How to Lose Back Fat? In the area between the armpits and chest appears the pesky bulge, specifically around a bra, bathing suit, or tank top. The following exercises will not only help tone your back muscles but prevent injuries and pain as well. What are the main muscles that work in this routine? –           […]

4 Exercises to Help You Lose Your Love Handles

When you realize that your love handles are not cute, as there’s nothing attractive about having those layers of fat around your waist. The good point here is that can be eliminated if you change your eating habits and by doing healthy cardio. However, not every cardio is so effective for your love handles, so […]

No Carb Foods List

In nowadays, one of the most popular and very effective dieting strategy when it comes to weight loss is the consumption of low carb foods. What is a Low – carb food? According to the USDA standards, any food that is less than one carb per serving is classified as zero carb food. There are […]

7 Teas That Suppress Appetite, Kill Pain and Give You More Energy

Sipping tea is always great for your health, but not all types the tea have the same effects. As there are plenty types of tea, you should know what of them to choose and what to expect. Along with the health benefits, many of the teas are also bringing pleasure with fabulous flavors and aromas. […]

100 Rep Core Burnout – It’s Just 4 Basic Moves!

You can shape and strengthen your core by performing the set of exercises without leaving the floor! It is composed of four moves are very simple and basic. How to do: –           Perform each move for 25 reps –           To make it more challenging (want more of a burn) repeat it two or three times. […]

The Pilates Workout That Sculpts Your Butt

Pilates are great for a flat stomach, however, the women usually love them for their butt shaping, because they really can do that. The main purpose of Pilate’s exercises why they were welcomed was boosting of flexibility and strengthening the core. But you should know that it’s not all because Pilates also come about to […]