“Fitness Is Not a Look,” Says California Gym Owner

Attempting to show the importance of the fitness, many owners of the gyms and centers have on their gym advertisements or workout photos a woman or man in a perfect condition, shaped body and everything that should motivate other members to join them. Usually, they use pictures of fitness models, and when you are not […]

5 Chair Exercises That Will Reduce Your Belly Fat While You Sit

Many of you have a sedentary job which has significant influence on your posture and the condition of your midsection as well. Fortunately, fitness experts found some great chair exercises, that can help you get in shape while sitting! According to the numerous reports about spending a free time, it is evident that the average […]

Get the Best Ass Ever With the 2017 #ButtChallenge

In this article, we are offering you the best workout for your gluteus-maximizing – the #CosmoButtChallenge. It should be performed five days a week, spending eight minutes of doing a five-move routine. The workout is designed by certified personal fitness trainer and Instagram star Angelica Gonzalez (@AngelicaKathleen). The program outlined below requires performing 15 reps […]

Coconut Oil and Weight Gain: 10 Facts You Need To Know

Coconut oil is listed among the “superfoods”, which is one of the healthiest things you can use over the globe! The benefits of coconut oil have been well known for centuries and we emphasize here weight loss and improved brain function. A Unique Combination of Fatty Acids The coconut oil is one of the richest […]

The Only Back and Butt Workout You Need to Look Hot from Behind

By doing this great, powerful routine regularly, you’ll get a perky butt, a sexy back and carved hamstrings and calves as well. Your body becomes more defined, stronger and powerful by training the muscles you don’t regularly see. You will start transformations, when you work the rear shoulders, glutes, lats, calves and hamstrings, however, the […]

This Is What Solved My Extreme Bloating Problem That 4 Doctors Couldn’t Figure Out

DOMINIQUE ASTORINO explains how she solved the problems with bloating. She moved to San Francisco when the weather was colder than previous and there she started a new job. She started to feel some problems from nowhere, as her stomach started ballooning arbitrarily throughout the week making her look three-to-six-months pregnant at any given moment. […]

Fruity, Fat Burning Fridge Oats

The overnight fridge oats are tasty and time-saving foods. They are ideal Fat Burning recipes with the ingredients that give you lean protein combined with healthy fats and carbs. The Fridge Oats taste like eating dessert for breakfast and they are grab-and-go foods during your busy days. They can be prepared ahead of time that […]