Oatmeal Water Can Make You Slim

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Despite their widespread, the origin of the oats is humble. They were domesticated, around 3,000 years ago in Europe, and actually originated as weeds that grew within cultivated fields.

Greeks and Romans considered oats to be an unhealthy version of wheat. At that time oats were a lowly horse food for the Romans.

As we can see, even today, less than 5% of the grown oats commercially are for human consumption. The chief value of oats remains as a pasturage and hay crop, especially for horses.

The time when you feel it’s time to get serious about getting your weight in control, and you are reaching the right way how to do it immediately think about your diet and exercise. Thinking of a healthy diet, you’ll probably find the solution and focused on the oatmeal.

The oats are an extremely hardy plant, and they have survived over different centuries, cultures, and generations.

But you shouldn’t think only for oats, we recommend you to find out what the oatmeal water is, as it has properties to help you in your goal to slim.

How to get it? By soaking and blending oats with no boiling water.

Why is it so effective in losing weight?

  1. Thanks to the amino acids it supports the liver, by producing lecithin (phospholipid so-called “decorated” fatty acid). The lecithin help liver to transport fats out to the stomach for digestion.

How it works: oatmeal suffering liver damage and prevents you from developing a fatty liver.

Enhancing the liver’s detox function, it improves the digestion of the dietary fats and keeps your body toxin-free.

  1. The oats are low in calories and rich in nutrition, such healthy fats, iron, B vitamins, phosphorous, calcium and magnesium). It proves you longer fullness and saves you time for any attempting to find some food around the house on every 2 hours.
  2. It is rich in dietary fiber, which helps scrape out fat deposits.

For this reason, oatmeal water helps keep your digestive system on a high level.

  1. As a natural diuretic helps too many to expel the excess water retained in the body.

Because of that, oats support kidney function, which stimulates the removal of excess body water as urine.

Not convinced enough?

–           An unhealthy breakfast can be substituted with a one that contains oatmeal water, which leads you in a right way (almost one-third of the battle won) in your weight-loss diet plan.

–           It belongs to go-to snack when the pre-evening hunger starts challenge you.

In addition, to downsize your clothes, by consuming it, you will protect your heart, control your cholesterol, blood sugar and decrease your doctor’s visits by boosting your immune system. Oatmeal helps do all of this and even it is lowering your risks of cancer in the long run.

Now, are you convinced?

How To Make Oatmeal Water (Recipe)?


–           1 cup oatmeal,

–           3 cups water,

–           2 teaspoons honey for added sweetness (optional)

–           1 cinnamon stick (or 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder).

When should you consume it?

In the morning, a couple of swigs of oatmeal water.

One glass before any meal is advised.

As a supplement to your main meals (lunch and dinner).

It can be stored in the fridge for up to a week.

Source: www.curejoy.com