My Top 5 Tips to Reduce Cellulite

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If you are facing cellulite issue, be sure that you are not alone. Most of the women are a concern of it and they raise one of the most common questions, how to get rid of cellulite. For all of you that really want to get rid, or at least reduce the appearance of it, find the answer here how to succeed.

Cellulite is usually found on thighs and hips, caused by the fat deposits under the skin. It is not the only concern for women who are obese or overweight, but also for women who are considered ‘thin’.

While cellulite is genetic, the impact of your lifestyle is a greater than you think.

What affects how much cellulite you will have?

–           How fast your metabolism is

Your cellulite is worse If you have a slow metabolism.

–           If you are not physically active

Your cellulite might get worse if you are not exercising regularly,

–           If you are dehydrated

Drinking less water, your skin will become dehydrated, which will make cellulite worse.

–           If your diet is poor

A poor diet doesn’t provide you with the necessary nutrients for your body.

–           If your total body fat is high

It is evident that a reduction in total body fat often has a positive effect on the appearance of cellulite.

–           If you are a woman

Not only the women have cellulite, however, it is less common in men because they have thicker skin.

–           If you are older

As the people get older, their hormones are changing as well as the amount of collagen produced in the body. The lack of collagen might result in a worsening of the appearance of cellulite.

As mentioned above, there are few things that we can’t really change, however, your lifestyle, which has a major effect on the appearance of your cellulite, can be changed.

Below you can find 5 tips to help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  1. Reduce your total body fat

Cellulite is fat deposits under your skin, but this type of fat is not harmful to your health. However, many women don’t like the look of it, so they are trying to reduce it. Reducing the overall body fat is the best way to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  1. Get ‘back to basics eating’

Rather than following the modern fad diet, it is better to change lifestyle and diet that ensures providing your body with all of the nutrients it requires. It is a diet full of fruit, vegetables, fiber, healthy fats and lean protein.

  1. Get physical

By improving your muscle tone and circulation and firming up the skin you will improve the process of improving the appearance of cellulite.

  1. Hydrate

As hydration improves circulation it is very important for your skin health.

  1. Try dry brushing

The dry brushing won’t directly reduce the amount of fat, however, it helps in improving circulation and stimulates lymph flow. So, be encouraged to spend a few minutes each day.