Lose weight Fast and Safe with the Amazing HAND DIET

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This amazing diet tells you how much you can eat from various foods, and it’s called “Hand Diet” because the amount of food you can consume it is shown on the palm of your hand.

The main reasons why people are gaining weight are the large portions and the uncontrolled eating – according to experts. So, these experts say that a serving of meat shouldn’t be larger than the palm, and a dish of past it has to be less than a clenched fist.

If you wonder how much butter you can put on a piece of bread, then the answer is it shouldn’t be more than the sire of fingertip.

Top of the thump represent the amount of peanut butter you should eat, and two fingers equals to one piece of cheese.

Experts warned over 10 years ago – the dishes are increasing in size, and the people that have problem with obesity drastically increases.

A teaspoon of butter has 37 calories, but we should be aware that a large spoon of butter has 111 calories – that is three times more!

The dressing you put on the salad should be vinegar, and no oil. 35 calories in a teaspoon of oil, or 135 in a large spoon. Plus one tablespoon filled with oil, per day, can accumulate 6 kilos excess weight for just 1 year.

Try not to put sugar in your coffee or tea – keep the intake of sugar very low during the day, try to take maximum of two tablespoons 3 times a day, and that would mean 37.000 calories less in 1 year.

1 ball of ice cream – you can enjoy this from time to time. Walnuts and nuts – eat a few, do not dig in like you’ve never seen it before!

Grab one CD and compare it to your pancakes – they should be that size, not bigger. You can eat mayonnaise occasionally, but it should not be bigger than the size of a poker chip.

The amount of chocolate you can’t eat should not be bigger than a pack of floos.

A very easy and interesting diet that can bring you an amazing result. Share it with your family, friends, neighbors, Facebook, G+, Twitter and everywhere you can – the people you care about will be grateful!