How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy

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The ability to feel compassion towards others is called sympathy, while being an ‘empath’ is a condition that you are recognizing the emotions of others, but you go even further, you are feeling them as if they were your own.

For instance, very often strong empathizers are able to absorb much of the pain and suffering from the people around them. This affects them emotionally and even blocks their ability to function at significant level.

Being in contact with a negative person, you will know how touchable his/her emotions can feel. As that person feels terrible, you’ll feel like his/her heaviness is seeping into you and you’ll be feeling the same. Learning how you can protect yourself from this kind of poisonous energy can be an essential life mechanism, as your emotional state affects you physically,mentally and spiritually.

Here are five the most appropriate ways how to stop absorbing people’s negativity:

  1. Let Go Of People Pleasing

Do not take it personally if someone is complaining about you, talking down to you orgossiping.  This is something that will only pull you deeper into his/her area of negativity and make you emotionally dependent on theopinion he/she has.

It can be of great importance to be compassionate towards yourself.  Aseverybody has different personalities (different likes and dislikes) this is why the people have a different life experience. You should be showing love yourself first, which will act like a forcefield around you that keeps you protected from other people’s opinions.

  1. Know When To Say ‘NO’

You can find yourself in many situations, to not like what people are doing around you and what directly affected you. For instance you may have a guest in your home, who is not meticulous, or somebody who invites himself almost every day on diner, after you invited him once. And, even more, maybe he’ll insisted on sleeping on your couch or to take something that you personally love, all without your approval.

Of course, when it comes to generosity, it is a great thing, but everybody should draw lines and make sure you and your generosity are not taken advantage of. It is better to not accept pessimists, freeloaders, or emotional parasitesand set boundaries and enforce them in the fields where you are comfortable.

Have in mind that this is your life, and your space and personal time are your holy temples, so think carefully about thepeople to whom you’ll allow access to them.

Be free to say ‘no’ as often as you feel you need to. You should set clear standards about what you expect from others before you give them a place in your life.

  1. Stop Feeding The Beast

You have probably heard about the term ‘emotional vampire’ (parasites), and here we will say some words for them. They are personalities who factually feed on your affection and attention. Investing your emotion in these people may feel valuable at first, but finally, you will only drain your energy and their problems will be still unsolved. They are like thirsty for your love and can never be satisfied, as they would like to stay feeling like a victim.

Your support to those who need it and paying attention to their problems will be valuable while   you are doing that with a big effort. You should notice when their calls for help begin feeling more like vies for attention or when your efforts start becoming redundant, so, re estimate your further behavior. Your efforts will not be evaluated properly if you pay more attention to their problems.

Be aware that it is not your responsibility to fix other people’s problems. The most important is to recognize that some people don’t really want their problems solved, as they want to be sympathized. In such a cases it is not dishonor to know when to walk away!

Sometimes you’ll feel that you already spent all your resources, so it is a time to offer your sympathies and leave the “battlefield.”

  1. Return to Nature

If you are sick of the people, you really just need a breather from everyone else. Be away from their chaotic energies sometimes can be hard to tune out, so the solution can be to take a weekend, an afternoon, or even an hour for yourself. Visit the place that will prof you a piece and let the many voices of nature replace the words you are listening constantly, especially the problems of others.

You should be focused on the natural world, the coexistence of all things earth, animals andplants.

Breathe deeply and meditate.

The fresh oxygen which is filling your body will elevate your spirits. Apart from your refreshment that will provide you a great ability to be resistant on negativity from otherswhen you return to your daily routines.

  1. Remember Who Is Responsible For YOU

At the end of the day you should know that you are the only one who knows about how you feel. Almost a 100% of the influence on your thoughts and emotions is your responsibility, and you are the only one who can correct it. Also, your own perception of yourself is more powerful than anyone else’s.

When you succeed to be accountable for your feelings, then you free yourself from the influence of others, and it is much more difficult for them to throw you off balance.

As you are responsible for your life experience, make it for you and make it extraordinary!

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