Get a Perfect Butt Shape – Tone the Glutes with These 6 Exercises

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Everybody is interested in having a well-toned body. There are plenty of ways offered how to achieve this goal. Most of the women are particularly focused on their appearance and concerned about the shape of their butts. To avoid expensive treatments in the cosmetic salons and save the time, it can be done by doing a set of exercises, which are proven from many experts and the women who are practicing them.

How to get the perfect butt shape? Just by doing next 6 exercises regularly:

        1.Step – ups

That is one of the most common exercises to form the butt and it can be done at home. The only thing that is needed is a raised platform

How to do: –   Stepping on the platform and raising the knee as high as possible. The exercises are repeated for about 10 minutes.

  1. Rear leg Lifts

Start with bent knees and forearms;  then one leg is slowly lifted off the floor and foot pushed towards the ceiling. Return leg to a starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

  1. Bridge

In lying position point the knees upwards. The butt is raising off the floor, while the feet, shoulders and head are still on the floor. Butt should be pushed as high as possible.

  1. Deep squats

It is recommended to do squats as low as possible and at the same time, the back should be straight. It is the exercise, which, activated glute enormous and influence the shaping of butt.

  1. Cossack Lunges

In the standing starting position, the feet should be placed wider than the shoulder. Then shift the weight to one side when squatting down on one leg. The other leg should be straight. When the bottom has reached the toes of the straight leg should be pointed upwards. It is repeated with the other leg.

  1. Fire Hydrants

By doing this exercise are strengthen glutes and other, smaller muscles on the legs. The initial position is so called kneeling position. First, raise one leg to the position while the knee is bent. The same exercise is repeated with the other leg in sets of 3 or more.

After regular practicing of these exercises, every woman will feel more comfortable and will get the desired shape of the butt and flaunt it with style.