Forget Push-Ups: 6 Dumbbell Exercises Zap Flabby Arms

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Getting rid of arm flab is not easy, but the still possible process and it can be done in two parts:

–           Reducing the fat that sits on top of your muscles by burning more calories than you eat, and

–           Toning the muscle underneath the fat.

If your arms need extra exercise to keep them toned and healthy, here is a workout of six exercises that quickly and effectively tone your biceps and triceps.

By performing the workout you can tone flabby arms with resistance training and 3 lbs. dumbbells for each hand. You should be focused on your triceps, which play a major role in how our arms appear. For you who have underdeveloped triceps, these muscles look shaky and soft.

Follow Amber’s six exercises that ultimately tone flabby arms. They are excellent and simple for any woman to master.

Perform sets of 10 repetitions on the next exercises:

1st Arm Circles

2nd Lateral Lifts

3rd Bicep Curls

4th Military Press

5th Overhead Triceps Extension

6th Pulse Up

Detailed instructions can be followed in the video bellow:

You should be aware that no one’s born with perfect arms, and if you need to work something to tone them, then those exercises small dumbbells can get you there.