Focus on Your Lower Abs With This 5-Minute Workout

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This 5 minutes exercises are targeted on the lower abs and there is guaranteed promising that you will get what you are looking for a long time. You might have perfectly toned and strength abs muscles if you are ready to sacrifice just five minutes of your precious time.

Hip Raise and Lower

First, you should start inthe plank position and put your weight on your elbows. The only thing you need to do properly is the raising and lowering on your hips.

Go down, stretch the abs muscles and then lift. Go as high as you could. Engage the abdominals in the process. Lift, squeeze and back down again.

Straight-Leg Crunch

Flip on your back with hands positioned behind the head. Lift up the shoulder blades off the ground, breath and get back down. Exhale as you come up. This would be a lot of work on the core. If you found hard to lift up your head put your hands in front of you.

Butterfly crunch

For this exercise, you need to lay down once again with the hands behind the head. Feet are brought together and the knees should be bent to the sides. Then you should lift the shoulders blades and your legs at the same time. The core and abs are engaged in the process so you can feel them burn.

Down Dog With Crunch

The starting position is on all fours and then you lift up one leg as high as you can. Then you are lowering the leg, bend your knee and bring it your chest. You are working with your hips all the time. Any of the muscles are working during the exercise. Shoulders are there for support, the abs, the hips the arms and legs muscles are really burning. You should hold and squeeze the abs and make the most benefit of the workout. After you will finish the exercise, switch to the other side.

Scissor Leg With Twist

Your legs are in the position of the scissors. Hands are behind your head. You can start to twist back and forth. You may switch your legs as long as you want. If you can`t handle to hold your leg up,try to go down with the both heels. You could feel the intensity of the movements the whole time.

You can do this exercises with no equipment. Concentrate on your abs and soon you will get the results!