Do This HIIT Workout for Seriously Sculpted Arms

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Everybody’s goal before beginning any workout for burning more calories is to do it in less time. That can be done through a high-intensity routine focused on the specific part of your body.

That is an exactly main attitude of the interval training to be a ultra-effective way to get a great full-body burn without spending tons of time in the gym. The HIIT workouts usually combine a series of short-duration, high-intensity exercises followed by lower intensity intervals used as an active recovery.

The effects of this type of training will be to get your heart rate up and burning more fat in less time. It is also very important to have an after burn effect that will help you burn more calories than traditional cardio.

The routine presented by the Grokker’s trainer Kelly has three supersets with toning finishers, followed by three rounds of cardio exercises.

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Workout Details:

1)         The first superset has a renegade row, a deadlift to row and biceps curl 21’s.

2)         The second superset has triceps push-ups and triceps dips followed by kickbacks.

3)         The superset No 3 and final superset has a squat with the press, a rear deltoid fly, and finally an Arnold press.

When you finish strengthening, complete rounds of the combinations below according to your skill set. It is important to perform it as fast as you can and record your time to track your progress.

The circuit should be finished with a cool-down.

Beginner Reps:

Sumo squat X 10

Renegade row X 5

Burpee X 5

Intermediate Reps:

Sumo squat X 15

Renegade row X 10

Burpee X 5

Advanced Reps:

Sumo squat X 20

Renegade row X 15

Burpee X 10


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