18 Healthy Salads That Don’t Use Leafy Greens

When it comes to the salads everybody’s first impression is that they should be packed with the leafy greens.  However, you can find many other solutions that will prove you stay-full-till-dinner, and are made with whole grains, chunky veggies and beans, and all of them without romaine, kale or spinach here – no leafy greens […]

10 Easy Homemade Energy Bars Recipes

These homemade bars are the perfect healthy snacks you never thought you could whip up—until now   Vegan Apricot Cherry This is a gluten-free and dairy-free, no-bake bar that will satiate you thanks to the filling of cashews and chia seeds. These bars are very simple to make. Get the recipe HERE Honey-Sweetened Almond Chocolate […]

Yummy Carrot and Apple Muffins

  The muffins are lovely food, especially those which are loaded with fiber. Here you can find the recipe that really takes full advantage of fall flavors and is a great opportunity to have them for a longer period as you can store them well in the freezer. Not only your kids, but you can […]

10 Foil Packet Meals for Easy Weeknight Dinners

The vegetables, meat, and seasonings can be prepared in different ways, and one of the specific ways is preparing foil meals.   Grilled Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken In Foil The BBQ chicken sandwich is a low-carb makeover. Simply throw raw chicken breasts, pineapple slices, BBQ sauce, and veggies in some aluminium foil and grill for about […]

Make These Veggie Buddha Bowls for an Easy Lunch Detox Meal

It is also called “nourish bowl”. Here you can find the most popular all-in-one vegetarian meals, which are rich in hearty veggies and healthy fats.   They are suggested by Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT – Nutrition. ABC Buddha Bowl Eating this nutrient-dense meal, you’ll get amaranth, a protein-powered whole grain, delicious beets, and Brussels […]

Gluten-Free Zucchini Loaf Bread with Himalayan Salt, Coconut Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

  Zucchini is a vegetable that has awesome healing and nutritional benefits. It is rich in fiber (especially in its skin), which helps you keep your digestive system in good condition and decreases the risk of digestion issues. It is also known that the flavonoid compounds in zucchini prevent cancer, thanks to that fight free […]

Oatmeal Water Can Make You Slim

Despite their widespread, the origin of the oats is humble. They were domesticated, around 3,000 years ago in Europe, and actually originated as weeds that grew within cultivated fields. Greeks and Romans considered oats to be an unhealthy version of wheat. At that time oats were a lowly horse food for the Romans. As we […]