This Is Exactly What Happens If You Miss a Workout . . . or 2 or 3 or 12

Workouts give the expected results if they are done properly, by following some rules. The rest days are usually planned and highly recommended in order to recover and build muscles. If you sometimes miss a workout incidentally it won’t be a problem, according to the Tone It Up trainers Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, but […]

Different Types of Squats – Switch it Up for Amazing Legs!

Squats are among to the most performed exercises at the gym, however, they can be done anywhere, with or without weights, which make them competitive. They are the type of exercises that every woman likes, as they are best for the butt and effective burning quads and glutes The workout consists of 6 different types […]

A Trainer Gets Brutally Honest About Why You Aren’t Seeing Results

It happens many times that even the people worked hard in the gym, attended many classes and really sweated on, that their results of all of these activities were not seen as expected. Obviously, they had missed something very important, so some trainers were challenged to look for the convincing reasons that cause this situation. […]

10 Ways to Lose Weight and Get Fitter Faster

Many types of research and expert-backed strategies explained how to maximize your workout time and see fitness and weight-loss results sooner.   Having in mind that all big cities and even a simple buildings were not built in a day, the sculpting of the body of your dreams also takes some time. Extreme and drastic […]

4 Stretches You Should Be Doing (But Aren’t)

  If you’re struggling with back pain, now you have the possibility to fix that. The everyday aches are often caused by the inflexibility of the overall body or just particular parts. Some prescribed medicine from the doctor can be a solution for alleviating that pain, however, because of many side effects of taking it, […]

I Took Plank Breaks at Work Every Day for a Month, and This Is What Happened

Here is a story of Leah Wynalek who explained how she managed to make her work time more effective. She usually ate her lunch at her desk, even she was aware that it’s not good for good health. However, outside of work, she was permanently on the move, running every morning and doing other physical […]

10 Ways to Care for Yourself When You Feel Burnt Out

Burnout is a specific state of chronic stress that leads to: –           Feelings of ineffectiveness (lack of accomplishment) –           Cynicism and detachment –           Physical and emotional exhaustion It doesn’t happen suddenly, and its nature is much more insidious, which makes it much harder to recognize. However, our minds and bodies do give us some warnings, […]

7 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Calories

  Reducing calories is crucial to almost any plan of losing weight. However, you shouldn’t need to go too far with cutting calories, because it won’t help you! Whenever you find these warning signs, there show you that you’re not eating enough calories. You’re Exhausted As calories provide an energy, in the case you fall […]