Lose Leg Fat in Just 30 Days…

When you are looking for getting slim legs, you can usually find multiple articles and online suggesting various exercises. Most of the exercises cannot be focused only on this specific body part because they reduce the fat in other parts. According to the expert Pahla Bowers, doing endless hours of inner-thigh exercises solely is not […]

This 10 – Minute Ab Routine Burns More Stomach Fat Than a 30 Minute Run (Video)

When it comes to losing weight, the biggest trouble people are seeing by dropping their stomach fat. However, well build muscles can make people look thinner, especially in their stomach area. According to the experts and fitness trainers, keeping on doing only cardio exercises, will not help you build your muscles and shape your body. […]

6 Plyometric Exercises for a No-Running Cardio Workout

If you have a problem with running, but yet need cardio, try these full-body exercises that challenge your core and stamina, so you can fit in cardio without putting in major mileage. These explosive movements require max force in a short amount of time. How to do workout: –           Perform each plyometric move below for […]

15-Minute Pool Exercise Routine For Rapid Weight Loss

The people who have ever experienced swimming know how much this workout is important for strengthening the overall body. It is one of the best exercises, which helps you to sculpt your body and lose weight. You can practice different kinds of swimming technics, such full-length swimming or to perform many different exercises in the […]

The 9 Best Exercises for Weight Loss, Ranked in Order of Effectiveness

Any kind of exercise can help you lose weight, but not all of them are equally effective. As everyone wants to make workouts as efficient as possible, it is better to know the effectiveness of different kind of exercises, based on calories burned during the workout. It is well known that the calories burned during […]

This Next-Level Burpee Tones Your Abs and Shoulders Like Crazy

The burpees are very effective exercises, and there are different levels for performing them. When you are looking to take your burpees to the next level, as you’ve already mastered the basic go-to fitness move, you have to try one more challenging option demonstrated by Nike trainers Lauren Williams and Kirsty Godso (“Pyro Girls,”) on […]