Why The Swedish Diet Took Over the World in 24 Hours?

This is very simple but very effective diet, which makes it attractive and people believe in it. This diet is focused on proteins and fats and decreasing the intake of carbohydrates. This diet is similar to the protein diet. The highest benefit: you will forget about some calories and the hours you can consume them […]

A Faster Metabolism at Any Age

The majority of people believe that the metabolism is something that is out of your control, thinking of it as genetics and aging issue.   However, recent studies have shown that there are plenty ways how to boost your metabolism, which is based on involving the body’s ability to break down food into usable energy. […]

Here’s Exactly How to Work Out if You Want to Lose Weight

When you try to lose some weight, it is the most significant to find the right way how to do that. In general, dropping pounds and lowering body fat percentage is just a numbers game, according to Ippolita Di Paola, a personal trainer and coach at EPIC Hybrid Training in New York City. In order […]

I Made These 3 Changes at Breakfast, Which Helped Me Lose Weight

Even you are eating a healthy breakfast every morning, sometimes the pounds wouldn’t drop. It can be wondering for you because all the experts say breakfast is key for boosting metabolism. Many people hadn’t realize that they are making huge mistakes, and when they changed them, they were positively surprised about the differences in how […]

These ‘My 600-lb. Life’ Success Stories Will Blow Your Mind

  Losing weight is an interesting topic in the episodes of TLC’s. Every episode documents a person’s weight-loss journey (usually they are weighing more than 600 pounds) and how they are losing it with the help of bariatric surgery and serious lifestyle changes. Brittani Fulfer, Before: 605 lbs. After: 222 lbs. She had weight-loss surgery […]

This 1 Simple Bedtime Drink Kills [Tummy Fat] While You Sleep

You can lose belly fat by taking some supplements, performing plenty of exercises, but the healthier way is to lose it naturally, by consuming healthy foods and drinks. Don’t forget to detox your body, as it gives you a clean system to absorb powerful nutrients. By feeding your clean system with healthy food, you build […]

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox: The Secret to a Healthy Life

Detoxification of the body is an activity that most of the people take over as it is required, but many of them, who take care about their healthy life, at least once a year.   This is one of the best-kept secrets in the world of fitness, weight loss and healthy living. This activity is especially […]

Mother Lost 92 Pounds in 1 Year and Documented Everything On Instagram

In this article, we will present you an inspirational story, by Rachel Graham who documented how she lost 92 pounds, and now she looks awesome. She tried to lose weight many times over the years and gave up because the results were not as she expected. She realized that documenting the transformation through pictures could […]