“Fitness Is Not a Look,” Says California Gym Owner

Attempting to show the importance of the fitness, many owners of the gyms and centers have on their gym advertisements or workout photos a woman or man in a perfect condition, shaped body and everything that should motivate other members to join them. Usually, they use pictures of fitness models, and when you are not […]

This Is What Solved My Extreme Bloating Problem That 4 Doctors Couldn’t Figure Out

DOMINIQUE ASTORINO explains how she solved the problems with bloating. She moved to San Francisco when the weather was colder than previous and there she started a new job. She started to feel some problems from nowhere, as her stomach started ballooning arbitrarily throughout the week making her look three-to-six-months pregnant at any given moment. […]

This 8-Month Before-and After-Will Inspire You to Start Your Journey Today

Everyone is aware that losing weight is a slow, hard journey, and many people give up very soon and some even don’t want to start. However, a little motivation is crucial in such moments, which can be found on #mondaymotivation, where many people share their experience how they managed this process. Here is the story […]

10 Unbelievable Diet Rules Backed by Science

When the people are looking for the solution how to fix the balance in the diet and fitness world, this always raises the requirement to discover the real diet rules, which help losing weight. SKIP BREAKFAST FOR WEIGHT LOSS IF YOU WANT We’ve already heard the proclamation that a healthy diet begins with a great […]

7 Women Who Lost Weight Without Counting Calories Share How They Did It

One of the ways of controlling the dieting is by counting calories, which especially has helped lots of women lose weight. However, for most of the people that can be fatiguing to jot down every bite.  According to Isabel Smith, R.D., focusing on the number can get all of those people, hung up and that […]

I Ate This Many Eggs at Breakfast for 8 Weeks and Lost 65% More Body Weight

Eggs are known as a rich source of protein and can provide with 85-calories per piece. They’re, also loaded with amino acids, iron and antioxidants. The scientists suggest eating a whole egg (white and yolk) because the yolks provide a fat-fighting nutrient called choline. When shopping for eggs, pay attention to the labels, looking for […]

This Is the Best Workout For Losing Weight

Eating a healthy food creates a calorie deficit, which is absolutely key to lose weight, but if you add some exercises into your routine the burning extra calories are guaranteed. The most important in this process is which workout should be done. According to the fitness instructor John Kersbergen, the best workout for weight loss […]

10 Of the Most Dramatic Fitness Instagram “Relaxed vs. Posed” Snaps

Many people use Instagram as a phenomenal resource for health and fitness inspiration. Basically, it is important to understand that a lot of the pictures and posts we see can be easily modified to show perfect results. The people are refreshing many times to see fitness stars who shows side-by-side snapshots that uncover the reality […]

7 Proven, Easy Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Women,Based on Science

Everyone should be aware that losing and reducing the amount of abdominal fat is important not just for aesthetics, but for your health. This deep visceral fat is dangerous as it surrounds your organs and puffs your lower abdomen. Here are 7 evidence-based ways to lose belly fat. Give up sugar Supplementary sugar is extremely […]

4 Foods and 2 Exercises to Burn Belly Fat

If you are suffering from extra fat around your middle, you have a good reason to be worried. The belly fat can be associated with inflammation, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, and diabetes, even if you are not overweight. The researchers found that the people of normal weight with extra belly fat (over 40 inches […]