9 Exercises to Help Burn Abdominal Fat in Under 3 Weeks

If you want something extremely physically demanding, there is no doubt, try those military workouts. There are a variety of physical activities, such as marches, runs, workouts and other. By doing them you’ll come into peak physical condition. Why Military Workouts? As most of the people are limited of the time and cannot do hours […]

A 4-Week Summer Workout Plan, Complete With Printables and Videos

Preparing for the upcoming summer, the majority of people take some measures to look nice in the summer clothes. The main parts of these measures include particular routines to get stronger and more toned body for all summer fun. The plan that we proposed here for one month involves five workouts and two active rest […]

This 30-Day Upper-Body Challenge Will Transform Your Arms & Shoulders

Women are by nature, very critical about their arms, but, according to a personal trainer and fitness expert Angelique Millis, they’re surprised at how quickly they respond when they start their training (by using weights). Experts suggest integrating resistance training into your fitness routine that will improve your posture, stability, coordination and strength. We are […]

Get the Best Ass Ever With the 2017 #ButtChallenge

In this article, we are offering you the best workout for your gluteus-maximizing – the #CosmoButtChallenge. It should be performed five days a week, spending eight minutes of doing a five-move routine. The workout is designed by certified personal fitness trainer and Instagram star Angelica Gonzalez (@AngelicaKathleen). The program outlined below requires performing 15 reps […]

The 30-Day Push-Up Challenge for Seriously Sculpted Arms

If you are seriously concern about your triceps and core strength, you’ll find the solution in this article. Follow the ultimate 30-day push-up challenge created by Holly Rilinger, Nike Master Trainer, creative director at Cyc Fitness, and creator of the BeachFiIT exercise program. She put together exercises that slowly increases reps and provides complementary moves […]