A Trainer Gets Brutally Honest About Why You Aren’t Seeing Results

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It happens many times that even the people worked hard in the gym, attended many classes and really sweated on, that their results of all of these activities were not seen as expected. Obviously, they had missed something very important, so some trainers were challenged to look for the convincing reasons that cause this situation.

The answer is – the workout done!

As every workout is about changing yourself, it is very important constantly evolving, adapting, and growing your fitness journey. Sometimes you should take a step back and look at your overall approach. That helps you to work out smarter, and maybe harder.

What are the frequent mistakes that trainers see in the gym?

  1. Not Paying Adequate Attention

There are many unwritten rules that should be followed while doing fitness, such

–           Choosing the right trainer,

–           Truly listening to what you are being told to do

–           Is the paid attention proper to what is necessary?

–           Checking your form in weight training

–           Adding an adequate resistance,

Listening to what the certified experts are telling you is something that you must do, as they are taking continuing education and spending countless hours outside of class creating a quality workout.

Most of the times the key to success is recognizing that you can’t do it alone and allowing someone to help you with your fitness routine, which leads you to your destination faster.

  1. You Aren’t Working Hard Enough

When the instructors tell you that you aren’t working hard enough you should believe them.

For instance, if you are in an indoor cycling class and your instructor suggests you to add resistance to simulate a hill climb, you should do it, as others, don’t think it’ll be too hard for you.

Also, if you are in a weight-training situation and you are using the same weights, you shouldn’t wonder why you aren’t getting stronger. You are exactly not challenging your muscles when you pick the same weights every time. Follow the trainer’s advice to pick up something heavier, adjustable for you.

Do that every time.

  1. Competing With Yourself is Not in Your Mind

To get the desired results in measure your fitness can not happen by watching what the person next to you is doing, as every person has specific characteristics and habits. Everything you do is about you and what you can achieve. So, always think about doing more than you did last time, add more gear to your exercises.

Even you are the hardest worker in the room, you shouldn’t be worry and stand out because of that, because you go to your classes to improve yourself, not to fade into the crowd. Don’t pay attention to anyone else, stay on your own mat, physically and mentally

  1. You Should Accept What You Can’t Change

Having in mind with the saying above, be honest with yourself and set reasonable expectations is very important. You can’t expect to do 1,000 burpees in 10 minutes and you will never change the basic biology of your body. Some family issues can be heritable, such women’s saggy underarms, and there is no any treadmill work that will change your DNA.

However, toning and shaping your bottom, heavy or not is always possible, as well as tightening of your triceps, which helps that underarm sag.

Even there are many ways that can improve the body you have, any amount of exercise will not completely transform you into someone else, which is not what you really want. Everybody should be aware that is unique and special and the goals set should be specific. The most important are to accept that, you can stop fighting your body and start working with it to achieve your goals.

  1. Your Workouts Are Rewarded With Food

Most of the people are doing it, in order to reenergize themselves. So, forget about your cravings, and thinking that because you work hard, your body deserves some burgers or something else.

The achievement of a higher level of fitness, losing weight and feeling good about yourself were your reason why you’ve worked so hard. Any sabotage, sometimes daily, by rewarding your fitness work with food will be wrong for your goals.

Sometimes you were probably taught that you have to earn the right to eat through exercise. However, if that is what you think is right, you can’t have whatever you want, because you aren’t going to achieve your goals.

Stepping back from food, instead of it becoming a reward system, should be your attitude.  The reward for the work is not something that you can measure.

For some of you who want the burger, just eat it, without confusing yourself about why you are having it, especially that it was deserved by workout done.

We wish you best of luck on your path to greater wellness and health.


–           You can start each day fresh

–           You can leave the previous workouts behind

–           Take each class like it’s your last.

–           Be aware that you’ve only got the one body, so help it go forward.

Source: www.popsugar.com