A Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Checklist

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Choosing the proper diet is one of the requirements when you want to lose extra weight. As the breakfast is the most important meal in the people’s diet because the right foods for the first meal have a healthy domino effect with the food choices for the day ahead.

For most of you maybe it sounds familiar, however, eating healthier and losing weight can be too complicated.

So, in your planning you could focus on just one part of eating healthier, to start with breakfast.

Breakfast, as a key to your optimal health and weight loss success, sets the attitude for the choices of the next meals in the rest of the day.

Count Nutrients Instead Of Calories!

To succeed in your plan of losing weight, according to the experts and experienced people, you should not worry about counting calories, carbs, grams or points, but to know which types of foods are the richest in nutrients.

Many conducted studies showed that eating breakfast promotes an emotional resilience and longevity as well as healthy weight and weight loss. The proper foods for breakfast stabilize your blood sugar, which helps stop cravings, hunger, and what is most important boost your metabolism.

By counting nutrients instead of calories, you’ll transform your health completely. This is why the foods you choose for the first meal should be low in natural sugar to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible.

Preventing hunger and cravings, as well as your stress levels will help to reduce overall weight thanks to reducing the belly fat hormone cortisol.

Breakfast Checklist To Promote Healthy Weight Loss

Making a simple checklist can help you eating healthier and make that course little less complicated!

What Foods To Eat:

  • Foods with protein such as eggs or whey powder to help you stay fuller, longer.
  • Instead of fruit juice drink water, tea or coffee.
  • Add to the foods a healthy fat such as nuts, seeds or avocado.
  • Include some type of veggie juice, veggie or fruit.

Foods to Avoid:

Preferably, avoid added sugar or sweeteners!

  • Boxed cereals and granola bars.
  • Yogurts with added sugar.
  • Sweetened nondairy milk.
  • Protein powders with added sugar.
  • Frozen meals frozen waffles or.
  • Nut butter with added sugar.
  • Refined bread or any bread with added sugar.
  • Processed meats or sausage (high in sodium, possibly contain GMO ingredients).
  • Maple syrup, molasses, honey
  • Granola which is usually made with high-glycemic sweeteners like honey or refined sugar.

Choosing the right foods for your breakfast could be like a healthy domino effect with your food choices for the day ahead and is one of the easiest things you can do for weight loss.

Source: drlorishemek.com