8 Minute Glutes Workout (TOTAL GLUTE LIFTER) (Video)

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Want a tight, firm booty, work on your glutes!

Your glutes are the largest, most powerful muscle group in your entire body. The key to having more power for your workouts increased support for your hips and spine is to have strong your booty muscles, which in addition, improve strength for optimal body alignment.

Looking for the best method to strength the glute is an enigma for many of you, so, we believe that the workout that we offer you in this article is your right one.

It is an 8-minute glutes workout that gives you a total glute lift with just 5 butt exercises. Besides working your glute and shaping the bum, this workout will also raise your heart rate to help you burn fat too!

The structure of this 8-minute workout:

–           30 seconds work and 15 seconds rest.

–           First two glute exercises are performing 2 times each per side.

–           Glute exercises 3, 4 and 5 should be done just one 30 second set.

–           Between 30 second rounds, take 15 seconds rest.

The equipment needed:


–           A medicine ball and

–           A dumbbell.

–           Beginners don’t need anything, they’ll use bodyweight only.

Here is a list of the exercises in the glute workout:

1) One Leg Catch Release (2 times on each leg)

2) Squat to Lateral Lunge (2x times each leg)

3) 10 Fast Squats, 1 Rollback (use a medicine ball)

4) 10 Alternating Forward Lunges, 1 Rollback (use a medicine ball)

5) 5 Wide Jumps, 1 Rollback (use a medicine ball)

See detailed instructions in the video:


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