8 Exercises to Target Your Lower ABS

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Most of the people are very familiar with the exercises that sculpture upper abdominals and obliques, such crunches or bicycle, however, they are not targeting lower abs, which are more difficult to be toned, so it is a challenge for many fitness trainers.

In order to really sculpt and flatten your belly, you have to know how to hit every last inch of those hidden muscles. We believed that solution lied in the workout suggested by personal trainer Kira Stokes (expert for a six-pack), consisted of her favorite moves for forming the lower abs.

Here is the key!

The low abdomen takes so much mental focus, and putting your brain into the muscle group is the key.  Focusing constantly on your lower abs make sure you feel them engaged in every move.

Many of these moves are based off a classic plank position. The suggestion of Stokes, to plank perfectly, is to prop yourself up on your feet and forearms, squeezing the butt cheeks, rolling shoulders down your back and drawing the navel in strongly. Your whole torso should stay in a straight line.

It is time to start!

  1. Plank Row


–           Starting position – a plank position with a glider (paper plates or towels) under each foot.

–           Holding the plank, press down on the gliders and slide legs out behind you

–           Sliding your body back extend your arms.

–           Pulling your body back return into the starting position.

–           Keep a straight plank pose the entire time.

–           Make 10-15 forward and backs or for 30 seconds.

  1. Bear


–           Starting position -in an extended arm plank, feet hip-width apart and  propped up on your hands

–           Pulling slowly the knees in (about 4 inches in front of your hips), press down on the gliders

–           Keeping the core tight the entire time and drawing the navel in, push back to starting plank position,

–           Make it 30-45 seconds, or 10-15 reps.

Keep in mind that you should be moving very slowly.

  1. One-Legged Mountain Climber


–           Starting position – plank position with your right knee pulled into your chest. Your right knee should be completely stable and constant contraction on that side.

–           Sliding the left knee in and back, maintain the height of your hips.

–           Do 10-15 reps

–           Switch sides and do the same on the other side.

Performing this exercise, your abdominal wall is contracted on one side due to held knee in tight, however, the other side is more active so you engage both sides.

  1. Army Crawl


–           Starting position – a plank position, on the edge of your mat, with a glider under each foot and squeezed butt,

–           Crawl forward about five steps by using your forearms, until with your gliders hit the end of the mat,

–           Crawl back to the starting position (hold the plank position and keep legs straight and hips stable)

–           Make this movement 3-5 times,

  1. C-Curve

This is a standard move that lengthens and takes pressure off the lower back.


–           Starting position – sit on the floor on your tailbone, as if you are lowering back into a sit-up position.  Hold dumbbells in your hands and squeeze tightly ball between your thighs, engaging the inner thigh and thus your low abdomen,

–           Tuck the tailbone, arching your back into a small stretch, and drive the low back down. Pick your elbows up and keep shoulders down and take the c-curve position.

–           Lowering arms, tap the ground and then lift back to starting position.

–           Hold the c-curve for 60-90 seconds, concentrating on the arm movements

  1. Hip Tips


–           Starting position – Lying flat on your back, with legs straight up at a 90-degree angle. Keep a ball in-between the inner thighs and your hands relaxed down to the side.

–           Pressing in on the ball, tip the hips up.

–           Crunch in and tip the hips, release halfway and repeat.

–           Make 15-20 controlled reps.

  1. X-Factor


–           Starting position – your body is sprawled out on the floor in an X, holding a weight in each hand.

–           Raise your left hand and bringing the weight towards your right shin, lift your torso and keep your belly pulled into your spine,

–           Lower back down and alternate sides.

–           Trying turning your foot out, keep the leg straight, to get a deeper inner thigh workout at the same time.

–           Make 24-30 reps, alternating every time.

This exercise works your whole transverse abdominus, and by moving the legs you’re working the lower abdomen.

  1. Six Pack Scissor


–           Starting position – Lying flat on your back, with your left leg straight and about two inches off the ground and right leg up toward the ceiling.

–           Lifting your upper body, bring your hands behind your head.

–           Raise the left foot and tap the back of the right heel, crunching and tipping your hips and bring the leg back to its starting position

–           Make 12-15 moves per side, completing all on one side before switching to the other.

Source: www.youbeauty.com