7 Home Exercises that Will Fix Your Butt Look

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It is time to start moving because those new trend bikinis won’t give you the dream butt look.

To achieve your final goal to get a great butt is not an easy to challenge, as your life changes are necessary so, lots of sweats and thoughts about quitting will overflow your body and mind.

And, before you start doing these exercises you should be prepared for them and know how to act when that time comes.

We are proud to say that even some famous people like Jen Selter practice this workout, who has over 10 million followers on Instagram that share and love her achievements.

The instructions for performing exercises you’ll find on the videos bellow.

Let’s start with this:

  1. Squat Pulse


  1. Squat Kick


  1. Lunge Pulse


  1. Squat Steps


  1. Squat Together


  1. Fire Hydrant


  1. Chair Kickback


Sources: mamabee.com

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