7 Healthy No-Bake Snack Balls You Can Eat On The Go

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When you’re in the mood for some sweets and that Apple you tossed in your bag might not hit the spot, there’s something else that will be appropriate for you. We’re offering you here, some recipes of bliss balls.

They are made with wholesome, filling ingredients like coconut, nuts and dried fruit. When the ingredients are blended together in the food processor, you can roll the texture into little balls. Another name for them is snack balls and some call them energy bites, however, bliss balls sound about right. They’re packed with fiber and protein, which helps you feel full.

Try these 7 tasty recipes, make a big batch, store them in the fridge, and grab a couple whenever you want.

  1. Cranberry and Pistachio Bliss Balls

These snack balls don’t just look pretty but are packed with yummy, healthy fats like cashew butter, macadamia nuts, and shredded coconut. They keep you satisfied long-term. When you add a touch of honey it helps the balls hold together and be sweet.

Get the recipe HERE 

  1. Chocolate Orange Bliss Balls

If you like truffles, let’s try this recipe of chocolate orange bliss balls.  These wholesome fudgy bites are made with cashews, dates, Brazil nuts, almond flour, cocoa powder, coconut oil, protein powder and orange zest.

Get the recipe HERE 

  1. Blueberry Coconut Bliss Balls

These blueberry snack balls are loaded with fresh fruit flavor, which comes from the fruit-sweetened blueberry jam. They are prepared of Coconut flour, which gives the balls a fudgy dense texture, along with plenty of fiber.

Get the recipe HERE

  1. Carrot Cake Bliss Balls

They are made of shredded carrots, cashews, dates, and rolled oats, rich in protein and fiber. The flavor is received from the cardamom, cinnamon, and orange zest.

Get the recipe HERE 

  1. Chocolate Tahini Bliss Balls

These bliss balls are made of dates, cocoa powder, tahini, and vanilla extract, along with some sesame seeds for rolling. It’s so good and can be served as a dessert.

Get the recipe HERE 

  1. Toasted Coconut Bliss Balls

This is a perfect combination of dates, coconut flour, salted cashews, cinnamon, and maple syrup. They are blended together in the food processor.

Get the recipe HERE 

  1. Apricot And Ginger Bliss Balls

These black and orange balls are usually prepared for a Halloween party, but the Technicolor treats are delicious all year long. You can combine cashews, dried apricots, macadamia nuts, turmeric, fresh ginger, and a drizzle of maple syrup.  They are rolled in black sesame seeds which add crunch, along with an extra shot of protein.

Get the recipe HERE