3 Stretches That Un-Slouch Your Back

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Whether you are working in the office or sitting on a computer at home, you probably feel the pain in your back,neck and overall posture, sometimes. This pain could be pretty uncomfortable and a very serious problem that can not be solved easily.

But, here we are, ready to represent you 3 easy stretches for your back that you could do a couple of times in a week on your doorway. It might sound crazy, but the stretches are more than effective.

But, first, try this simple relax exercise that will help you ease the back pain.

Sit on the floor and lift up your hands overhead. Inhale and lower down your arms trying to reach the toes. Breathe again and hold it like that. Engage your abs and relax your back.

Then, lift up the right leg and cross it over the left leg. Bend your elbow and put it outside of the bent knee. Lift your core and hold it like that. Switch the sides. Hold on each side for 10-20 seconds and repeat for 2 times.

Walk out

Stand by the open door. Hold on to a door frame with your wrists, elbows, and your shoulders. Support your body with your hands and walk your body in and out, forward and back out of the door frame. See how far you can go forward or backward and hold yourself in that position.

T-Press with Lunge

Repeat the steps of the previous exercise, but this time make a difference and step forward with your left leg. Then, make a lunge. You have to keep your neck in line with the spine the whole time. Go forward and back as far as you can. Stretch the other leg which is in the back. The heel should be pressed on the floor. Switch the legs and repeat the exercise.

Hanging Shoulder Stretch


For this exercise, you have to hold on to the door frame again. But, now,  you will try to go above your shoulders in a “Y” position, into a level “T” position, or low into an upside-down “V” position. Just be cautious and go as far you can go without feeling the arch in your back.  Keep your arms straight and your core pulled in. Breath in and out and repeat.

Source: www.prevention.com