3 Alkalizing Teatox Recipes to Melt Away Stubborn Belly Fat

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In order to be able to function properly and prevent numerous diseases, your bodies need detoxification regularly. To achieve that effectively you should be super hydrated, which eliminate waste and harmful toxins.

According to the experts, the recommended dosage of water is 2 liters (8 glasses) a day, which includes herbal teas, vegetables and fruits rich in water content. As the herbal teas are high in health benefits, such, detoxifying and alkalizing properties they have a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

In this article, we will offer you recipes of three teas that are extremely beneficial in detoxifying the body and support weight loss and burning the abdominal fat. In addition, we will also present you three common and most effective cardio exercises.

Recipe no.1


–           1/4 fresh lemon sliced

–           1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

–           1-inch fresh ginger grated or sliced

–           1 teaspoon honey

–           1 teaspoon white tea

–           2 cups of water

Lemon is high in vitamin C provides numerous health benefits, such helping digestion and supports the detox process.

Ginger is a powerful circulatory stimulant and stimulates the blood flow.

Cinnamon has the ability to balance blood sugar levels, reduces stress and alleviates the inflammation. In addition, it has a warming and fragrant action.

White Tea is derived from the same plant as green tea. It is rich in antioxidants.

Honey is one of the most beneficial ingredients, and it reduces stress, strengthens immunity and rejuvenates the digestive tract.

Method of preparation

All ingredients are mixed with 2 cups of boiling water. It is consumed freshly prepared.

Exercise no. 1-The Stairmaster

This is a cardio exercise that targets the thighs and glutes and it effectively tones the belly, reduces excess fat and keeps your body in shape.

Recipe no.2


–           Small handful of fresh peppermint or 1 teaspoon dried peppermint tea

–           1-2 teaspoon rooibos tea

–           1 teaspoon liquorice tea or fresh liquorice root

Peppermint stimulates the circulatory system and enhances the blood flow. Moreover, peppermint has amazing effects on the digestive system, boosts metabolism and raises the energy levels.

Liquorice effectively reduces the stomach ache, flatulence and bloating and protects the gastric mucosa.

Rooibos Tea is high in antioxidants and minerals. It promotes longevity, and healthy teeth, skin and bones.

Method of preparation

Pour two cups of boiling water over the mixed ingredients. The prepared amount is enough for one or two.

Exercise no.2 Jumping rope

This exercise is excellent for engaging the entire body and abdominal area and stimulates sweating. It can be done it anytime and anywhere, you just need to have a rope.

Recipe no.3


–           1 teaspoon chamomile flowers

–           1 teaspoon dried hibiscus

–           1 teaspoon green tea

–           1 teaspoon dried rosehip

Chamomile is a beneficial herb, which helps in calming the digestive and nervous system. In addition, it relaxes and soothes the muscles throughout the digestive tract.

Green Tea leaf contains theanine, which is an amino acid that boosts brainpower and reduces stress. As the green tea is rich in antioxidants it has numerous benefits, such stress reduction, stress lowering, and weight loss has antiviral properties, lowers blood pressure and others.

Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants and thus supports the elimination of destructive molecules and prevents chronic diseases. Antioxidants are, also, important in the process of detoxification of the body.

Rosehip, as one of the richest plant in vitamin C, is an essential ingredient for the adrenal function, immune system and tissue and skin health.

Method of preparation

All ingredients should be mixed in a teapot with 2 cups boiling water and leave for 3-4 minutes. This amount of the prepared tea serves 1-2. If you want to have this drink for the entire day you can mix the ingredients in a jar in a bigger amount.

Exercise no.3

You should practice running, as it is the most effective exercises to support weight loss and burn belly fat. It, also, efficiently reduces stress.

Source: supertastyrecipes.com