20 Minutes Of Yoga For Absolute Beginners (With Video)

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The beauty of Yoga practice is that you’ll work on yourselves from the inside-out. The benefits are in finding inner peace and acceptance for the person you are. It is much more than you can do on your mat even if you just breathe the entire time in your child’s pose or just on your back, you would still be doing yoga.

Through yoga, you’ll get

–           Peace within yourself and to actually let go of anything you hold onto that does not suit you and the person you are

–           Practice mindfulness and awareness within ourselves

–           Focusing on bettering our everyday lives and living in the consciousness

–           Knowledge about how to cope better when you are faced with challenges

It is important to know that when you are practicing yoga, you must listen to your body as well as your mind. Some days that will be harder to push yourself through, and you may feel like giving up, but you must take the challenges that are given to you and adjust the way you look at them.

At the end, you’ll find out that practice of yoga is something so beautiful, energizing, and significant to our everyday lives.

20 minutes of yoga daily will completely change your life and your overall health, so follow this 20-minute video, which is an adaptable even for total beginners.


What are the benefits of this workout?

  1. It is lengthening your lower spine and good for abdominal organs and digestion
  2. Neck exercises with different movements of your shoulders strengthen your upper body
  3. It is stretching the back and lengthening your lower spine
  4. Lower back exercises strengthen your back muscles
  5. Some exercises mentally relax legs, arms, shoulders, abdomen, chest and face
  6. It means your Overall body will be relaxed

The outcome of that 20 – minute yoga is that you’ll be full of energy full of joy and look forward to a wonderful day and a wonderful evening.

This will help you feel comfortable on the mat and to give you a little taste of what the physical practice of yoga is all about.

Source: www.curejoy.com