10 Ways to Care for Yourself When You Feel Burnt Out

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Burnout is a specific state of chronic stress that leads to:

–           Feelings of ineffectiveness (lack of accomplishment)

–           Cynicism and detachment

–           Physical and emotional exhaustion

It doesn’t happen suddenly, and its nature is much more insidious, which makes it much harder to recognize. However, our minds and bodies do give us some warnings, listed bellow.

Physical and emotional exhaustion:

–           Chronic fatigue,

–           Insomnia,

–           Forgetfulness,

–           Physical symptoms,

–           Increased illness,

–           Loss of appetite

–           Anxiety

–           Depression

–           Anger

Signs of Cynicism and Detachment:

–           Loss of enjoyment

–           Pessimism

–           Isolation.

–           Detachment

Signs of Ineffectiveness and Lack of Accomplishment

–           Lack of productivity and poor performance

–           Increased irritability

–           Feelings of apathy and hopelessness.

You can burnout at work or elsewhere, and many resources can be vital for our everyday activities and well-being, such emotional stability, personal qualities like skills, good health to supportive relationships with colleagues, autonomy and control at work and many others.

Here, you’ll find 10 easy ways to take care of yourself when you burnout.

  1. Meet More Friends

Spending more times with friends will help you feel better, as it boosts your mood, energizes you. It happens not only with friends but also with the people you don’t really know because the most important are to not stay alone.

  1. Take Small Breaks Whenever Possible

Sitting at the computer for hours, or doing other jobs permanently, will not lead you to success. So, we suggest taking a 5-minute break every hour, walking to the water cooler to drink some water or to the break room to refill your coffee cup or simply step outside.

  1. Get Out Of the House for Fresh Air And Sunshine

If the distance to the work allows you, walk or bike to work, or if it is far away and you have to take a bus or commute by car, park a few blocks away from the office.

For all of you that work at home, take a quick walk around the block, and don’t try to find an excuse when it comes to going outside and enjoying the day at least a little bit.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

The vegies should be first on your list of diet, and most important are to consume them fresh, so throw away the processed and packaged goods at all. If you are not feeling full, and your sugar is low, grab a healthy snack which has more fiber rich components in it.

  1. Meditate for At least 10 Minutes

Meditation is very useful in these cases, so it is recommended to meditate every day for at least 10 minutes. Try this time to not think of anything and focus on peace and quiet no matter how busy you are. As our minds are made for thinking, taking a break from our thoughts will help to heal stress on many levels.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Having in mind that we naturally have a lot of energy, and if we don’t spend it properly, as we are sitting still for too long it can drive us crazy.

The regular exercises should be an important part of your everyday routine because they release negativity and will make you feel good. It will enhance your lungs breathing and your heart pumping.

  1. House Plants Can Purify Indoor Air

The plants in the house are natural air filters because they depend on water and sunlight, and that’s inexpensive. They can bring you a relaxing energy to your room without doing everything. However, you should love them, because they are “feeling” that.

  1. Stretch Everyday

The stretches are the perfect way to relax your mind and body and help you fastening and take care of your responsibilities actively.

Recommendation: Practice yoga.

  1. Get Enough Sleep At Nights

Our bodies are re-energized when we are sleeping well and enough. To improve your sleeping enjoy a relaxing ritual before bed to ensure a restful night. A cup of chamomile tea, meditation or reading for 15 minutes will be some of the relaxing activities that can be of great help.

  1. Laugh As Much As You Can

Knowing that the happiness is really the best medicine, you need to encourage yourself to find something that will make it happened, such reading something funny, talking to someone funny things or watch funny videos, whatever that will relax you.

Source: www.elephantjournal.com