10 Ways to Burn More Calories During Any Type of Workout

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Even for all of you that have plenty of free time, you should know how to practice more effectively and make every minute worth.

Here are some proven techniques and tips that will improve the effectiveness of any workout and thus burning more calories and melt fat away in less time.

  1. Pump up the jams

Maybe it will sound strange, but listening to music can be one of the easiest—and most fun—ways to improve your calorie burn. According to the researchers of the University of Wisconsin who conducted the study of men and women who had performed two 8-minute exercise sessions on a stationary bike.  One of the exercises was in silence and one with music. Practicing this one with music increased their average heart rate by 10 beats per minute and burned 7% more calories.

  1. Pair up with an inspirational partner

Involving someone to work with you, can bring out your calorie-scorching best. According to the study in Kansas State University, the people who exercised with a partner became a little fitter and stronger than if they were increased their workout, time and intensity by as much as 200%.

  1. Let go of the rails

As most of the people know, the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn. That should be a sign to go to the harder moves. It will support your core muscles that have to work harder.

  1. Put your arms into it

In order to speed up your pace and improve the burn, you should move your arms faster, which will cause feet to follow them. You should also, engage more upper body muscles for another calorie burning bonus. According to the research, the exercisers use more fat-burning oxygen when they get their arms into the action.

  1. Find your sweet spot

Sometimes high-intensity interval training may be of great help in burning fat, but many people burn out and don’t do it enough to see results. So it is important to know what the area that you need to work is.

  1. Wear some weights

Researchers found that heavier people burn more calories, as their bodies have to work harder to keep them in motion. By adding weight to your workouts you can increase your calorie burn by 13% during step-climbing exercise and more than 7% during moderate walks.

  1. Use the force

You have to work rapidly harder to fight its forces when you run, bike and walk or at an incline. Walking to the hills you can burn 50% more calories, than on a flat terrain

  1. Drink some coffee

Caffeine boosts your metabolism but also is a proven performance enhancer. According to the studies, coffee reduces your perception of exercise, so hard efforts feel easier and you can burn more calories.

  1. Cool your jets

Drinking a couple cups of cold water can raise your metabolism by about 5%.

In addition, drinking an icy beverage before exercising can help you feel fresher and crank out harder and longer, so you can easily burn more calories.

  1. Tune in, not out

You should pay attention to your breathing, your effort, your heart rate, the feeling in your muscles that helps you maintain a steady effort, which helps you burn more calories.

Source, Original Article: www.health.com