10 Minute Thigh Slimming Challenge (Video)

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Looking for the new challenge in shaping your body, you decided to slim the thighs, which is not an easy area to target.

Here is a workout that is created to focus on this area, consisted of 5 proven exercises, and you’ll spend only 10 minutes daily to do. The challenge is for 30 days.

We recommend you to start slowly and build your strength as you master each move on the way to your goal of slimming down.

This workout is a really fun thing that you can do during a short break at the office or at home. You can also invite somebody does join you which will make it even more interesting, but take care to do with the persons with a positive energy.

Here are the instructions of moves and in addition you can look the video bellow:

  1. Side Lunges:

This is move is so effective for inner thighs.

You can make it even more challenging and hold a 30 lb barbell on your upper back to intensify the movement! You’ll see a progress when you can do these moves at home and the reps increase.

Pay attention to the lunge and go as low as possible, and on the posture of your legs, keeping them straight while you get up to starting position.

  1. Plie Squats

During that move pay attention on the position of your toes, they should be facing diagonally outwards while you are squatting down and engaging your thighs.

As you are sitting down your knees need to be open wide and your chest opened and up. Please stay tall, DO NOT hunch over forward!

  1. Leg Swings:

It works your obliques and outer thighs!

You can also use a chair if you need to hold on. In addition, this move tests your balance.

Flexing foot and leg straight, as you swing, are the most important parts of that move.

  1. Inner Thigh Pulses:

The effectiveness of this move on your inner thighs is amazing!

The trick in performing it in keeping your moving foot in “awkward foot” position. At the same time your toes must face down and your heel must be up. The movements up and down should be very simple.

Note: if you can’t hold another leg bent simply lay your knee down on the ground in front of you.

  1. Side Leg Lifts:

While lying on your side, keep the body is in a straight line, simply raising your top leg up and down. Your toes should be pointed!

Please comment below and tell us your opinion. If you are satisfied please forward to at least one person, and be a leader and a motivator in someone’s life.