10 Life Lessons You Learn From Being Raised By A Strong Mother

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As our mothers were the first person in our life we interacted it is normal that they provided us with many rules (lessons) about the issues that we should follow during our life. This is how we form a general impression about persons around us, about everything that happens, what is well or bad. It is naturally that many of this issues are guided by our mothers, which in another hand is linked with her personality and characters they have. But, not only they were our first teachers, they were our pillars of strength during that period when we really needed them and our first friends, too.

As a result of all above mentioned they shaped the kind of attitude and personality we have. Of course, everything is linked with their ways how they managed the things, of their friends, hobbies and interests.

Usually, we all think that our mothers are too strong, so, if you have been raised by a strong woman, then you can probably found yourself, and recognize some of the lessons that were delivered from the most of them.

  1. Value of Independence

In your life, you will always have some people who care for you, but most of the time you need to exist alone, so you should learn to do things for yourself. The choices and actions you are doing are your accountability and responsibility. You can look at mother’s strength, which is a perfect example of how you are fully capable of living life by yourself, knowing how to cook and clean, raising a child on your own, finding a good job, and many other things that you’ve learned without even knowing that.

  1. Lessons about Unconditional Love

In the period of your growing up with a strong mother, you will permanently notice how she makes sacrifices for you. Even small things, such giving you some sweets are the signs of her care. Many times she’ll compromises her own youth and health, to be sure you’re always in good mood, without telling you that she is suffering for you. She is always ready to give you a lovely smile and happily, puts you before herself. So, growing up you’ll realize that such love is not one you can find anywhere, ever.

  1. Learn How To Truly Love Yourself

Your mother will help you to understand that bad grades, heartbreak, disappointments, and any other failure, don’t matter or define who you are. You’ll learn how to believe in yourself, your love yourself and your capabilities. You will find the way how to keep moving ahead in life without doubting yourself. The most important here is your resilience, which makes you who you are.

  1. Learn How to be Both Strong and Soft

Strong mothers are compared with a coconut fruit, with a hard shell (to defend and protect) but with a soft and tender core (to absorb, understand and nurture). There are the moments where her eyes look puffy in order to hide her tears and cried after you fell asleep. Or those comforting and warm hugs she gives you when you’re upset, hiding how upset she is, too. That shows her unreserved kindness and sensitivity strong mothers have.

  1. Understand That It’s Not Easy Being a Woman

Many times in your life you have heard, that being a woman is hard enough, but why is that? It is as they face many difficulties, such as “slaving” from morning to night, be a multi-skilled (helper, cook, teacher, chauffeur, nurse, laundrywoman, repairer etc.), have no sick days off, having magic words for everything and …

  1. How Wise It Is To Never Look Back

The attitude of every mom is looking for the future, so she will always teach you to not depend on what happened in a past time that does not serve a purpose in your life anymore.

But, your strong mother probably will be a pattern for you, how she handled the things in her life, and you can probably borrow that from her.

  1. Learn The Importance of Patience And Faith

You learn that even the darkest and stormiest nights are followed by the brightest and sunniest days. Learning to be more patient in life, you should know how to wait the bad times out as much as give time for good things to come your way. Patience and faith may be the two superpowers you get from your strong mom.

  1. Learn to Create your Own Happiness

The happiness is often found in the little thing. As you have seen, your mother was always able to find happiness in the most difficult times and you learn and know how to smile even when you feel like you’re doing the most difficult things.

  1. You Discover That Your Mother Knows More About ‘Love’ Than You Do

The age difference between you and your mom will be always a good reason for your different opinions of many issues. However, you should always trust a strong mother’s instinct about much important decision in your life (your boyfriend/girlfriend, about what’s good for you, as she never wants to see you heartbroken). Even many don’t believe, seeing you hurt would hurt her a hundred times more.

  1. Learn How to Be a Good Mother Yourself

A mother is a person running and making sure that the ship (your home and family), is sailing well. More than anyone else, she truly cares for each member in a family in a personalized manner. She teaches you what it takes to be loving, protective, compassionate, kind and strong. She can be the best role model, even if you don’t follow totally her footsteps, her values are pieces of wisdom that will prove to be useful to you.

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