10 Exercises To Strengthen Your Feet

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Not all people are aware that the feet can be one of the essential parts of our body. Our feet are not only essential for getting us from one to another position, but foot pain and symptoms can have a major effect on our function, mobility and quality of life.

If you are tending to focus on your own feet, then you can try these feet strengthening exercises which definitely improve balance and boost your athletic performance.

In the plenty of workouts, you can find very beneficial exercises that strengthen your feet and can be included in your daily physical routine. In the article bellow, we offer feet strengthening exercises, which are proven in practice.

  1. Toe Presses

Before starting, make sure you are warmed up with a set of toe presses to keep you grounded.


–           Starting position – Standing tall and bending slightly at the knees

–           Grip the floor with all 10 toes

–           Hold this position counting to three (avoid curling your toes)

–           Perform a set of 10 reps three times a day

Tip:  Increase the intensity by holding your grip longer

Now your feet are warm, and you can start with your workout.

  1. Monopoly Bits

Who knew picking up after a board game could become such a fun and exciting exercise? Try this foot strengthening exercise by scattering little bits of Monopoly pieces across the floor and picking them up with your feet.


–           Stand in front of the mess of Monopoly pieces

–           Get 10 pieces with your right foot and transfer each to a cup nearby

–           Repeat the same with the left leg

Tip: While cleaning room, it will be easier to tip toe through with some toe walking.

  1. Toe Walking

This is a quick start to strengthen your feet and toes, by simply walking tip-toe.


–           Step by walking on your toes 20 seconds

–           Rest a while

–           Repeat for a total of 8 reps two times a day

Tip: Intensify by increasing the time of your walks

  1. Spread Your Toes

This standing exercise increases your balance.


–           Starting position – Stand tall with slightly bent knees

–           Spread your toes as far as they reach, keeping feet flat,

–           Relax and repeat 10 times

–           Do two sets total three times a day

Move on to the flex and stretch foot exercise.

  1. Feet Stretch and Flex


–           Starting position – Sit on the floor with feet straight out in front

–           Around a sturdy chair or bedpost wrap an exercise band

–           Put the band on the tops of your feet

–           Sit, so that the band pulls with slight resistance

–           Work the feet by flexing against the band

–           Do two sets of 20 reps

After completing the flexing stretch, stand up for a challenge with toe lifts.

  1. Toe Lift


–           Starting position – Stand tall with your knees slightly bent

–           Lift one toe at a time on your right then your left foot

–           Repeat three sets on each foot

For a challenge add some weight to this foot exercise.

  1. Pencil Curls


–           Starting position – Stand tall shifting your weight to one leg

–           Grab the pencil in your toes holding it for 6 seconds

–           Repeat 10 pencil curls,

–           Switch to the other side

–           Perform this exercise three times a day

Tip: Another option is to ditch the pencil and scrunch a towel in your toes instead.

  1. Heel Walking


–           Pace the room by walking on your heels

–           After walking 20 seconds, rest to complete eight sets two times a day

  1. Ankle Circles


–           Starting position – Lie on your back on the floor

–           Extend one leg overhead

–           Rotate clockwise counting to 10, then counterclockwise – 10 counts

–           Switching legs, repeat

Finally, it’s time to relax with a rollout stretch.

  1. Rollout Stretch


–           Starting position – Sit on the floor keeping feet straight in front

–           Flexing your toes hold this position

–           Roll the flex into a stretch from the bottom to the top of the arch

–           With your toes reach the stretching (pointing position) and

–           Return to the starting position and repeat for a total of 10 slow stretches

Source: wwws.fitnessrepublic.com